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The LSU AgCenter is dedicated to innovative research, information and education to improve people's lives. We are a unique statewide network of parish extension offices, research stations and academic departments, empowering individuals, families and communities to make decisions that support healthy life styles and a healthier environment.

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Food Safety and Microbiology testing labs

Food Microbiology testing is important to ensure the safety and quality of raw ingredients, finished product and environmental samples. The LSU AgCenter Food Safety and Microbiology lab helps food processors, laboratories and individuals in microbiological and safety issues related to their food products.

Our lab focus is on Food Processing Validation tests, Shelf-Life studies, and Environmental monitoring. We also provide microbiology testing for support of HACCP and GMP plans. We work closely with our clients to develop the best food microbiology testing procedures needed for their products taking into account the ingredients, pH, water activity, processing and storage conditions (time and temperature). 

Our facilities are Biosafety Level 2 so we can work with a wide variety of pathogenic bacteria and viruses. Our lab has trained Food Microbiologists with over 20 years of experience who can handle not only your routine testing needs, but also your special projects, research projects, and product development analytical support.

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Seafood Professing Demonstration Lab

The creation of the new Seafood Processing Demonstration Laboratory (SPDL) gives fishermen and seafood processors access to commercial food processing equipment for demonstration, training, and research purposes. Products and processes created and developed at SPDL add value to both the fishery and the industry thus improving economic resiliency.  The SPDL main goal is to assist seafood processors at all experience levels to create new business opportunities.

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Sensory Services Lab

The sensory analysis center provides consultation, services and education to food and non-food industries both nationally and internationally. Services include sensory evaluation and consumer research on flavor, texture, appearance, acceptance or product liking of foods, ingredients, personal care and pharmaceutical products, fragrances, and textiles or paints.

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LSU AgCenter FOODii

The LSU AgCenter Food Innovation Institute, FOODii, is a resource center where entrepreneurs can start a food business, process foods, receive technical and marketing assistance, and benefit from expert advice and research on food safety and food sustainability.

Through innovation and education, we ensure a sustainable food supply, protect the environment and improve the economic well-being of our world’s growing population. FOODii is positioned to deliver solutions for today’s food needs while innovating to meet the demands of tomorrow.

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Many of the researchers and extension specialists with the LSU AgCenter also have joint appointments in 13 departments within LSU’s College of Agriculture.

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