Happy Award Recipients

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2018-2019 Happy Award Recipients

Dr. Jinx C. Broussard, Professor, Manship School of Mass Communication

Randa Lopez Morgan & David Dunaway, LSU Libraries

Tia Jordan, student majoring in English

Mary Ellen Day, physical science teacher at Iberville Math, Science and Arts Academy

Sadie Wilks, Instructor, Manship School of Mass Communication

Samantha Aldridge, student majoring in music

Maria Musso, student majoring in sociology

Stephanie Elwood, Extension Associate with the Community School Garden Programs at Southern University Ag Center

Katherine McKenzie, science teacher at the Louisiana School for the Visually Impaired (LSVI)

Kathy Coleman, Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Information Center of Louisiana

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2017-2018 Happy Award Recipients

Chloe Riviere, student double majoring in political science and international studies

Alexandra Williams, CCELL Graduate Assistant

Knock Knock Children’s Museum, Cate Heroman & Peter Olson

Sarah Gaurisco Swanner, Friends of the Animals

Kameryn Poullard, student majoring in child and family studies

Ollie Doucette, Baton Rouge Garden Alliance/Garden of Champions

Elizabeth Sherman, student majoring in Biological Sciences

John White, Professor, Department of Oceanography and Coastal Sciences, College of the Coast and Environment

Estanislado (Stan) Barrera IV, Assistant Professor, School of Education, College of Human Sciences & Education

Irina Shport, Assistant Professor, Department of English, College of Humanities & Social Sciences

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2016-2017 Happy Award Recipients

Jun Zou, Associate Professor, School of Interior Design, College of Art and Design

Kim Skinner, Assistant Professor, School of Education, College of Human Sciences & Education

Sarah Christian, honors college student majoring in psychology

Alejandra Torres, graduate student in the Department of English

Grady Stewart, student majoring in Mass communication

Alzheimer’s Service of the Capital Area

Rick Moreland, Professor, Department of English, College of Humanities & Social Sciences

Paula Shaw, Companion Animal Alliance

Dustin LaFont, Front Yard Bikes

Josh Dean, Assistant Director for Service, Campus Life

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2015 Happy Award Recipients

James Honeycutt, Professor, Department of Communication Studies, School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Victoria Cantelli, Student majoring in Kinesiology

Kenneth Fasching-Varner, Associate Professor, School of Education, College of Human Sciences and Education

Jensen Moore, Assistant Professor, Manship School of Mass Communication

Chauncey Stephens, Student majoring in Elementary Grades Education

Tony J. Pryer and Judy K. Bethly, Volunteers In Public Schools

Katelyn McCoy & Eric Brown, CCELL Student Workers

Barry Aronhime, Instructor, Biological Sciences, College of Science

Kurt Ristroph, Student double majoring in Chemical Engineering & Classical Civilizations

Aldreamer Smith, Baton Rouge Garden Alliance

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2014 Happy Award Recipients

Christy Foreman, English

Paige Davis, Construction Management

Theresa Townsend, Leo S. Butler Center

Melissa Bellow, Carver Branch Library

Mina Posey, McKinley High School

Judy Myhand, Nutrition & Food Sciences

Christy Kayser Arrazattee, Director of Center for Community & Civic Engagement at USM

Lori Martin, Sociology

Christopher Miguez, Student, Kinesiology

Whitney Miller, Student, Nutrition & Food Sciences

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2013 Happy Award Recipients

Joyce Jackson, Geography & Anthropology and African American Studies

Jeffrey Nunn, Geology & Geophysics

Andrea Morris, Foreign Languages & Literatures

Debra Kopcso & Stephanie Kurtz, Mathematics

Linda Cross, Student, Honors College, Biological Engineering

East Baton Rouge Library, Mary Stein

Operations Pathways, Kevin Lewis

BREC, Claire Coco

Chaiss Matthews, Student, Honors College, Biological Sciences

Ciera Duronslet & Marshall Moulis, Chemistry PhD Students

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2012 Happy Award Recipients

Alma Dawson, Library & Information Science

Lisa Johnson, Kinesiology

Younghee Lim, Social Work

John Scalzo, Electrical Engineering

Yejun Wu, Library & Information Science

Connections for Life, Karen Stagg

Highland Elementary School, Kaye Van Sickle

Betsy Irvine, Louisiana Delta Service Corps

Sandy Joslyn, MPA Student

Mary Hannah Prevot, Art Student

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2011 Happy Award Recipients

Sharon Andrews, English

Hope Diwan, Everyone Reads and VIPS

Jennifer Jolly, Educational Theory, Policy, and Practice

Barrett Kennedy, Architecture

University Presbyterian Church, University Outreach Ministry

Summer Steib, Capital Area Family Violence Intervention Center

LSU Student Government

Nicole Walker, Biological Engineering Student

Millena Williams, Mass Communication Student

Partnership between Grandparents Raising Grandchildren and LSU, Pat Robinson and Dot Thibodeaux (GRG), Ann Martin and Deborah Normand (LSU)

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