Michelle Osborn

Michelle Osborn

Associate Professor

Department of Comparative Biomedical Sciences

LSU School of Veterinary Medicine
Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, LA 70803




PhD, Louisiana State University, 2013

MA, Louisiana State University, 2008

BA, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, 2001

Research Interest

We use the principles of functional and evolutionary morphology to the study of complex structural systems of model organisms to answer causal, “how?” questions and evolutionary, “why?” questions. Specific hypotheses can be tested within clinical or evolutionary contexts through experimental means or through natural experiments that compare carefully selected vertebrates. A focus in my lab is to understand the causal relationship between body postures/movements and tissue degeneration using force analysis methods on 3D and 4D models generated from CT data. Current projects are investigating the use of biotensegrity as a conceptual framework to (1) analyze the relationship between whole body postures/movements of the horse and the resulting degeneration of the skeletomusculofascial system and (2) analyze the functional, symbiotic relationship between horse and rider.

Teaching Interest

I am a broadly and classically trained comparative morphologist, and my teaching expertise includes gross anatomy and gross- and micro-dissection, histology, developmental biology, biomechanical analysis, and visualization. The morphological sciences provide the foundation on which veterinarians stand as they treat animals. Integrating and establishing conceptual connections between gross anatomy, histology, embryology, and physiology provides an understanding of the “normal” animal that is necessary to treat the unwell one. I am invested in not only helping students build a strong foundation of anatomical knowledge, but also in developing the skills (e.g., communication, collaboration, observation, time management, development of personal study strategies) necessary to do well as they proceed in their education and training.

Clinical interest

In addition to my clinically-based research, I enjoy collaborating with clinicians by providing expertise in anatomy and visualization. I have used (or adapted for my use) several techniques, including biometrics and statistics, micro-dissection,and static force analyses for functional and clinical applications. I also use various graphics, imaging and animation computer programs for the presentation, computation, and analysis of research in 2D, 3D, and 4D.

Awards & Honors

2023, Dean's Teacher Merit Honor Roll, LSU Vet Med

2022, Dean's Teacher Merit Honor Roll, LSU Vet Med

2021, Dean’s Teacher Merit Honor Roll, LSU Vet Med

2020, Dean’s Teacher Merit Honor Roll, LSU Vet Med

2020, Faculty Service Award, LSU Vet Med

2020, Invited by the American Association of Anatomists to represent the state of Louisiana at the 2020 FASEB Capitol Hill Day (March). Cancelled due to Coronavirus threat.

2019, Outstanding Teacher Selected by the Class of 2022, LSU Vet Med

2019, Dean’s Teacher Merit Honor Roll, LSU Vet Med

2018, Outstanding Teacher Selected by the Class of 2021, LSU Vet Med

2018, Dean’s Teacher Merit Honor Roll, LSU Vet Med

2017, Outstanding Teacher Selected by the Class of 2020, LSU Vet Med

2017, Dean’s Teacher Merit Honor Roll, LSU Vet Med

2017, LSU Office of Academic Affairs Teaching Enhancement Fund Travel Award, Annual Meeting, American Association of Anatomists, Chicago, IL, 22-26 April 2017. $500.00 


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Li Z, Holamoge YV, Li Z, Miller JT, Osborn ML, Shan X, Ramos A, Li Y, Zaid W*, Yao S*, Xu J*. 2020. Detection and analysis of enamel cracks by ICG-NIR fluorescence dental imaging. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences. Accepted April. https://doi.org/10.1111/nyas.14374 

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Boehringer Ingelheim/NIH Veterinary Scholars Program Mentor (Funding: Kenneth F. Burns Trust, $6,588 student stipend), LSU, SVM, “Whole Body Analysis of Degenerative Joint Disease of the Fetlocks: A Case Study”. PI: M.L. Osborn. 2023

Merial Summer Scholars Program ($4250.00 student stipend) “Comparative Anatomy and the Kinematic Analysis of the Atlantoaxial Joint in Feline and Human Computer Models”. PI: M.L. Osborn. 2017.

Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine Charles V. Cusimano Equine Health Studies Program ($9,900.00) “Pathomechanical Analysis of Equine Navicular Disease”. PI: M.L. Osborn. 2016-2017.

United States Department of Defense subcontract ($40,931.00) “Codon Usage in Morbilliviruses Option Years: Role of Specific Synonymous Codons in Viral Pathogenesis and Adaptation to New Hosts”. PI: M.L. Osborn. (Sponsor: University of Georgia, Athens; PI: Elizabeth W. Uhl). 2016-2021.