Shafiqul Chowdhury

Shafiqul Chowdhury


Department of Pathobiological Sciences

LSU School of Veterinary Medicine
Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, LA 70803

Joined LSU Vet Med Faculty in July 2008



PhD, Free University of Berlin, 1987

MS, Bangladesh Agricultural University, 1983

DVM, Bangladesh Agricultural Diversity, 1978

Research Interest

Molecular and immunological basis of BHV-1 pathogenesis in cattle. Specifically, the role of BHV-1 tegument protein VP22 in BHV-1 molecular pathogenesis.  

Novel animal herpesvirus vectored vaccines against other bovine and swine pathogens: i) Bovine herpesvirus type 1 (BHV-1) vectored vaccine against viral infections associated with bovine respiratory disease complex (BRDC) and Rift Valley Fever virus, and ii) Pseudorabies virus vectored vaccine against classical swine fever (CSF), African swine fever (ASF), porcine circo viruses. 

Teaching Interest

Veterinary Virology, graduate level advance virology-pathogenic mechanisms of viral diseases. 

Awards & Honors

2018, Senior Member, National Academy of Inventors

2016, Excellence in Innovation, LSU

2015, Zoetis Award for Research Excellence, LSU

2004, Pfizer Award for Research Excellence, Kansas State University

DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) Scholarship for Doctoral Study


U.S. Patent 11,083,787, B2, August 10, 2021: Bovine herpesvirus type 1 (BoHV-1) vector against bovine respiratory disease complex

EU Patent 3194968, September 02, 2020: Bovine herpesvirus vaccine and treatment

US Patent 10,690,669 B2; June 23, 2020: Bovine herpesvirus detection and treatment 

U.S. Patent 8,877,211; Nov.4, 2014: Bovine herpesvirus vaccine with multiple mutations

U.S. Patent 6,284,251; Sept. 4, 2001: BHV-1 gene-deleted virus vaccine

U.S. Patent 6,221,360; April 24, 2001: Infectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis Vaccines and Methods 


Wei H., Wang, Y.,and Chowdhury, S.I.(2011). Bovine herpesvirus type 1 (BHV-1) UL49.5 luminal domain residues 30-32 are critical for MHC-I down-regulation in virus-infected cells. PLoS one 6(10) e25742.

Wei H., He J., Paulsen D.B., Chowdhury, S.I. (2012). Bovine herpesvirus type 1 (BHV-1) UL49.5 luminal domain residues 30-32 and cytoplasmic tail residues 80-96 induce better immune responses in claves than the wild-type strain Cooper. Vet. Immunol. and Immunopathol. 147: 223-229.

Chowdhury S.I, Wei H, Weiss M, Pannhorst K, Paulsen DB. (2014). A triple gene  mutant of BoHV-1 administered intranasally is significantly more efficacious than a BoHV-1 glycoprotein E-deleted virus against a virulent BoHV-1 challenge. Vaccine 32 (39):4909-4915. doi: 10.1016/j.vaccine.2014.07.004. Epub 2014 July 24.

Chowdhury S.I. (2016). Identification of an epitope within the Bovine herpesvirus 1glycoprotein E  cytoplasmic tail and use of a monoclonal antibody directed against the epitope for the differentiation between vaccinated and infected animals. J. Virol. Methods. 233:97-104.  

Batra, S. A.,  Shanthalingam, S.,  Donofrio, G., Haldorson, G., Chowdhury S.l., White, S. N., and  Subramaniam Srikumaran, S. (2016).    Immunization of bighorn sheep against Mannheimia haemolytica with a bovine herpesvirus 1-vectored vaccine Vaccine, 35(12), 1630-1636.

Zhao, J., Poelaert, K.C.K., Stekers, L., Favoreel, H., Li, Y., Chowdhury, S.I., Vanden Hurk, S. V., Caij, B., and Nauwynck, H. (2017). Us3 and Us9 proteins contribute to the stromal invasion of bovine herpesvirus 1 in the respiratory mucosa. J. gen. Virol.98:1089-1096.

Pannhorst, K., Yezid, H., He, J., and Chowdhury, S.I. (2018). Bovine herpes-virus type 1 (BHV-1) envelope protein UL49.5 interacts with VP22 directly via it's cytoplasmic tail and in the absence of UL49.5/gM complex UL49.5-VP22 interaction is critical for UL49.5 virion incorporation. J. Virol. 92, Issue 13 e00240-18.

Yezid, H., Pannhorst, K., Wei, H. and Chowdhury, S.I. (2020). Bovine herpesvirus 1 (BHV-1) envelope protein gE subcellular trafficking is contributed by two separate YXXL/Φ motifs within the cytoplasmic tail which together promote efficient virus cell-to-cell spread. Virol. 548: 136-151.  

Yezid,  H., Lay, C.T., Pannhorst, K.,  and Chowdhury, S.I. (2020).  Two separate tyrosine-based YXXL/Φ motifs within the glycoprotein E cytoplasmic tail of bovine herpesvirus 1 contribute in virus anterograde neuronal transport. Viruses 2020, 12, 1025; doi:10.3390/v12091025.          

Chowdhury, S.I., Pannhorst, K. Sngewar, N., Pavulraj, S., Wen, X.,  Stout, R., Mwangi, W., Paulsen, D. (2021).  BoHV-1-Vectored BVDV-2 Subunit Vaccine Induces BVDV Cross-Reactive Cellular Immune Responses and Protects against BVDV-2 Challenge. Vaccines 2021, 9, 46. vaccines 9010046.

Pavulraj, S., Pannhorst K., Stout, R., Mwangi, W. Paulsen, D and Chowdhury, S.I. Pseudorabies virus vectored live subunit-PCV2 CAP protein vaccine induces PCV2b-specific neutralizing antibodies and protects pigs upon PCV2b challenge from viremia and PCV2 associated lymphoid depletion (Under review, Vaccines-MDPI).     

Grant Funding

USDA/NIFA Award # 2020-67016-31543. Novel BHV-1 Vectored Vaccine against Rift Valley fever virus infections in Cattle and Sheep. Total Award Amounts $500,000. August 1, 2020-June 2023) will be extended until 2024 due to COVID 19-related delays.  

USDA/NIFA Award # 2019-67015-29867. Novel Pseudorabies Virus (PRV) Vectored bivalent Vaccine against Classical Swine Fever and Porcine Circo viruses (P.I.). Total Award Amount: $390,000; August 2019- July 2022 (will be extended until 2023 due to COVID 19-related delays).  

USDA/NIFA # 2017-67015-26674. Regulation on the latency-reactivation cycle by ORF2 and beta-catenin/Wnt signaling pathway (Co-PI). Clinton Jones (P.I.; Oklahoma State University). LSU subcontract (P.I.; Chowdhury). Subcontract award amounts $46,200.00 (07/15/2017 – 07/14/2020).

USDA/NIFA #2014-06359 (Ranked #1);Use of a novel bovine herpesvirus type 1 (BHV-1) vector virus for vaccination against BHV-1 and other viral infections associated with bovine respiratory disease complex (BRDC). Total Award $490,000. (3-15-2015 to 2-28-2020).  

LSU Leveraging Innovation for technology transfer (LIFT2) Grant. LSU 2017-LIFT-002. A superior DIVA vaccine against bovine herpesvirus type 1. Total Award $49,980. (7/ 1/ 2016- 6/30/2017).

LSU Leveraging Innovation for Technology Transfer (LIFT2) Grant: LSU-2018-LIFT-008.  Pseudorabies virus vectored trivalent subunit vaccine against classical swine fever virus and porcine circovirus 2b of pigs. Total Award $46,240 (January 1, 2017 – March 31, 2018).

USDA 1433, formula funds- Development of a BHV-1gE Cytoplasmic Tail Based Serological Marker Test. Total Award $15,000 (10/27/2014 – 9/30/2016).

CEVA.  Construction of a dual gene- deleted (envelope glycoprotein E and thymidine kinase TK-deleted) pseudorabies virus (PRV) expressing classical swine fever envelope protein E2 and porcine circovirus 2b (PCV2b) capsid (CAP) proteins. Total award $350,000 (1-15-2014- 7/30/2016).

ELI LILLY.  Improved genetically engineered vaccines against bovine herpesvirus type 1 (BHV-1) and equine herpesvirus (EHV-1) type 1 viruses.   Total award $ 315,000 (12-20-2010- 12-19- 2013).  

USDA/NRI. Ranked # 1 out of 160 proposals. Functional analysis of BHV-1 gE and Us9 sub-domains  required for anterograde neuronal spread (P.I.). Total award $ 375,000 (1-1-09 -12- 30-13).  

USDA/NRI-animal protection (USDA Award#  07-35204-17358): Regulation  of pathogenicity and immunogenicity by BHV-1 envelope glycoproteins gM/gN  (P.I.). Total Award $ 375,000 (10-1-07 to 08- 30-12).