Renee Carter

Renee Carter

Professor of Veterinary Ophthalmology

Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences

LSU School of Veterinary Medicine
Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, LA 70803



DVM, Louisiana State University, 2000


Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists

Research Interest

Investigations of ocular drug design for improved delivery to the eye following topical application.

Equine recurrent uveitis: Investigation of leptospirosis as an etiology in the southeastern United States, diagnostic and management strategies.

Corneal wound healing disorders and relation to changes in the hemidesmosome/basement membrane complex 

Teaching Interest

Clinical instruction of fourth year students and modalities to improve their readiness for clinical practice 

Clinical Interest

Medical and surgical disorders of the cornea

Evaluation and treatment of exotic animal species 

Awards & Honors

2021, Dean's Teacher Merit Honor Roll

2021, Outstanding Teacher Award

2020, Dean's Teacher Merit Honor Roll

2019, Dean's Teacher Merit Honor Roll

2018, Dean's Teacher Merit Honor Roll

2018, Outstanding Teacher Award

2017, Dean's Teacher Merit Honor Roll

2017, Outstanding Service Award

2012, Dean's Teacher Merit Honor Roll

2011, Dean's Teacher Merit Honor Roll

2011, Gamma Sigma Delta, Teacher Merit Honor Roll

2011, Flagship Faculty Member

2006, Bayer Resident of the year


Full viral genome sequencing and phylogenomic analysis of Feline Herpesvirus Type 1 (FHV-1) in cheetahs (Acinonyx jubatus), Marino, Morgan E.; Mironovich, Melanie A.; Ineck, Nikole E.; Citino, Scott B.; Emerson, Jessica A.; Maggs, David J.; Coghill, Lyndon M.; Dubovi, Edward J.; Turner, Rachel C.; Carter, Renee T.; Lewin, Andrew C., 2021, Viruses, Volume:13, Number:11, 2307. PMCID: PMC8625435 

Ocular blastomycosis in a dog, de Cecco, Bianca; Carossino, Mariano; Camacho-Luna, Pilar; Alling, Christopher; Carter, Renee; Elliott, Jacqueline; Del Piero, Fabio; Langohr, Ingeborg, 2021, Brazilian Journal of Veterinary Pathology, Volume: 14, Number: 2, Pages: 133-136 

The effect of topical ophthalmic proparacaine, fluorescein, and tropicamide on subsequent bacterial cultures in healthy dogs, Mironovich, Melanie; Mitchell, Maria; Liu, Chin-Chi; Carter, Renee; Lewin, Andrew, 2021, Veterinary Ophthalmology, Volume: Early View. DOI: 10.1111/vop.12914 

Stability and ocular biodistribution of topically administered PLGA nanoparticles, Swetledge, Sean; Carter, Renee; Stout, Rhett; Astete, Carlos; Jung, Jangwook; Sabliov, Cristina, 2021, Scientific Reports, Volume 11, Number:1, 12270. PMCID: PMC8192547 DOI: 10.1038/s41598-021-90792-5 

Ophthalmic evaluation of raptors suffering from ocular trauma, Carter, Renee; Lewin, Andrew, 2021, Journal of Avian Medicine and Surgery, Volume: 35, Number: 1, Pages: 2-27. DOI: 10.1647/1082-6742-35.1.2 

Successful use of a subpalpebral lavage system for management of bilateral uveitis and conjunctivitis in a Sulcata tortoise (Centrochelys sulcata), Cummings, Charles; Nevarez, Javier; Carter, Renee, 2021, Journal of Herpetological Medicine and Surgery

Development of and validity evidence for a canine ocular model for training novice veterinary students to perform a fundic examination, Banse, Heidi; McMillan, Chantal; Warren, Amy; Hecker, Kent; Skorobohach, Brian; Carter, Renee; Lewin, Andrew; Kondro, Doug; Ungrin, Mark; Dorosz, Sam; Baker, Rose; Dehghanpir, Shannon; Grandt, Beth; Hale, Lorrie; Anderson, Sarah, 2021, Journal of Veterinary Medical Education, Volume: 48, Number: 5, Pages:620-628.  DOI: 10.3138/jvme-2020-0035 

Phylogenomic analysis of global isolates of Canid alphaherpesvirus 1, Lewin, Andrew; Coghill, Lyndon; Mironovich, Melanie; Liu, Chin-Chi; Carter, Renee; Ledbetter, Eric, 2020, Viruses , Volume: 12, Number: 12, Pages: 1421. PMCID: PMC7764265 DOI: 10.3390/v12121421

Effect of multiple head positions on intraocular pressure in healthy, anesthetized horses during hoisting, Alling, Christopher; Cremer, Jeannette; Liu, Chin-Chi; Lewin, Andrew; Camacho, Pilar; Carter, Renee, 2020, Veterinary Ophthalmology, Volume: 24, Number: 1, Pages: 71-79.  DOI: 10.1111/vop.12849 

Digestibility of black soldier fly larvae (Hermetia illucens) fed to leopard geckos (Eublepharis macularius), Boykin, Kimberly; Carter, Renee; Butler-Perez, Karina; Buck, Cameron; Peters, Jordan; Rockwell, Kelly; Mitchell, Mark, 2020, PLOS ONE, Volume: 15, Number: 5. PMCID: PMC7213736 DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0232496

Grant Funding

Evaluation of nanoparticles as a carrier for hydrophobic drug diffusion through equine cornea, VCS CORP, $2,950.00

In-vivo anti-microbial activity assessment of topical ocular diagnostic medications, VCS CORP, $4,000.00

Assessment of antivirals for treating feline herpesvirus ocular disease in cats housed in animal shelters utilizing Next-Generation Sequencing., Morris Animal Foundation, $107,204.00

Utilizing polymeric antioxidant-loaded nanoparticles as a delivery system to mitigate photooxidative stress of human lens and retinal pigmented epithelial cells in vitro, LSU SVM CORP, $9,000.00

Utilizing polymeric antioxidant-loaded nanoparticles as a delivery system to mitigate photo-oxidative stress of lens and retinal pigmented epithelial cells in vitro, LSU SVM CORP, $8,720.00

Assessing the ocular microbiome in bovine infectious keratoconjunctivitis., VCS CORP, $4,000.00

Evaluation of the in vitro effect of nanoparticles on equine corneal explants, Charles V. Cusimano EHSP grant, $4,512.74

Simulated ophthalmoscopy: validity and cognitive task analysis, University of Calgary and LSU, $7,400.00

Investigation of the antibacterial and antifungal effects of botanically-solubilized Tea tree oil extract on common pathogens in infectious equine keratitis, Charles V. Cusimano Equine Health Studies Program, $6,000.00

Cytokine tear film profile determination in healthy dogs and those with inflammatory ocular surface disorders, SVM Corp fund, $9,902.00