Erwin Poliakoff

    Emeritus Professor of Chemistry, Louisiana State University

    LSU Superfund Research Program leader - Structure and Properties of Metal Oxide Particle-Adsorbate Systems

    Phone: (225) 578-2933

    Fax: (225) 578-3458

    Office: 303 Choppin Hall

    E-mail: epoliak@lsu.edu

    Website:  http://www.lsu.edu/science/chemistry/people/academic_contact_pages/Emeritus/erwin_poliakoff.php

    Research Interests, Expertise:

    My group performs research on molecular spectroscopy and we focus on experiments that reveal new connections between spectroscopy and structure. The work employs photons in the vacuum ultraviolet and x-ray regions. Two related areas are emphasized, namely, fundamental processes in small molecules, as well as developing structural information on more complex chemical species. For both types of studies, we employ molecular photo ionization as a tool.

    Selected Publications:

    Thibodeaux, C. A., Poliakoff, E. D., Kizilkaya, O., Patterson, M. C., DiTusa, M. F., Kurtz, R. L., & Sprunger, P. T. 2015. Probing environmentally significant surface radicals: Crystallographic and temperature dependent adsorption of phenol on ZnO. Chemical Physics Letters. 638, 56-60. doi:http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.cplett.2015.08.026

    Patterson, M.C., Thibodeaux C.A., Kizilkaya,O., Kurtz R.L., Poliakoff, E.D., Sprunger P.T. 2015. Electronic Signatures of a Model Pollutant-Particle System: Chemisorbed Phenol on TiO2(110). Langmuir. DOI: 10.1021/acs.langmuir.5b00030. PMCID:

    Lomnicki ,S.M., Wu, H., Poliakoff E.D., McCarley R.L., & Dellinger B. 2010. Size-Selective Synthesis of Immobilized Copper Oxide Nanoclusters on Silica. Mat. Sci. Eng: B., 175:136-142.

    Das, A., Miller, J.S., Poliakoff, E.D., Lucchese,R.R. and J.D. Bozek. 2007. Vibrationally resolved photoionization dynamics of CF4 in the D2A1 state.  J. Chem. Phys.127(4):044312.

    Montuoro, R., Lucchese, R.R., Bozek, J.D., Das, A., and Poliakoff, E.D. 2007. Quasibound continuum states in SiF4 D2A1 photoionization: Photoelectron-vibrational coupling. J. Chem. Phys.126(24):244309.

    A. Das, E.D. Poliakoff, R.R. Lucchese, and J.D. Bozek. 2006.  Launching a particle on a ring: b2u -> ke2g ionization of C6F6.  J. Chem. Phys.125(16):164316.

    Poliakoff, E.D. and Lucchese, R.R. 2006. Evolution of photoelectron–vibrational coupling with molecular complexity. Physica Scripta. 74, C71-C79.