Safety Video

Active Shooter Response Training

Recent events around the nation have raised the public’s awareness of active shooter situations, and the unfortunate reality that similar events can occur anywhere and at any time.

To keep the LSU community informed about what to do in the event that a similar situation occurs on our campus, the LSU Police Department is offering the Active Shooter Response Training video to all students, faculty and staff.

LSU Community members are encouraged to learn more about the “Run. Hide. Fight.” paradigm, which addresses any active threats that may occur. These can include mass shooting incidents, attacks with various weapons, or acts of terrorism.

DHS Active Shooter Preparedness Video 


Recognizing and Preventing Violence on Campus

Campus violence covers a wide range of disruptive behaviors that may include threats, harassment, intimidation, bullying, stalking, dating violence, sexual assault, etc.

You can make a difference by learning, recognizing, and reporting these behaviors.  AWARENESS + ACTION = PREVENTION.

Learn more about how to recognize potential events in public spaces


Travel Safety

LSU Police recognizes that many students and faculty travel abroad to further education and research.  We encourage the LSU community to prepare for all travel by reviewing the checklists and advisories provided by the U.S. Department of State at:

Travel.State.Gov > International TravelBefore You Go