History and Culture | LSU Majors

You enjoy studying and learning from the past and applying those lessons to our modern world. A career involving history and culture may be for you.

Prof. Leonard Moore gives presentation.African and African American Studies

You are passionate about African and African American culture and want to learn more. 

Students take notes during forensic anthropology class.Anthropology

You enjoy uncovering our past to understand our future, and you don't mind getting your hands dirty. 

Student looks at photo gallery during art history class.Art History

You like to visit art galleries whenever you have the chance to gaze upon the works of great artists.

Student studies ancient language.Classical Civilization

You are intrigued by the accomplishments and foundations of knowledge that arose from ancient cultures. 

Students take a street tour of Paris.French

You love the French language and culture, and you want to learn more about its influence in the global marketplace.

Student gives presentation on the Middle East.Geography

You are naturally curious about exploring world geography and how new technologies will help us understand culture and our physical landscape.

Students learn history in Hill MemorialHistory

You like to read about the events that have shaped the world and are fascinated by the ways in which those events unfolded.

Students learn about different cultures at the international expo.International Studies

You are curious about other cultures and the issues that drive global politics.

Flags hang at the International Cultural Center.International Trade & Finance

You like to travel and have a yen for the yen—or the yuan or the euro.

Students give philosophy presentations.Philosophy

You have an admiration for the great thinkers throughout human history who defined their times and left behind legacies for future generations.

Rabbi gives sermon.Religious Studies

You believe that to understand religion is to understand the world.

Student learns more at Hispanic showcase.Spanish

You love the Spanish language and culture and want to pursue a career that will take you anywhere in the Spanish-speaking world.

students hang out on campusWomen's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

You are ready to take on women's and gender issues and advocate for justice.