Health Sciences | LSU Majors

You want to help others live healthier and more fulfilling lives. A career in the health sciences may be for you.   

Athletic training demonstration.Athletic Training

You are interested in helping athletes manage their health in order to maintain optimal performance.


Student works on project in lab. Biochemistry

You like to examine the chemical makeup of natural products and the chemical reactions that occur in living systems.


Students in a biological engineering lab.Biological Engineering

You want to know the origins of things and how they got to where they are today. 


Students work on biological sciences project.Biological Sciences

You are intrigued by the mechanics of life, how molecules are formed and the structure of cellular organisms.


Student works in chemistry lab.Chemistry

You are curious about what makes up the world around you and how materials combine and react to create something new. 


Student works on project to restore gulf coast.Coastal Environmental Science

You like scientific discovery and want to be a part of the conservation and preservation of coastal environments and oceanic life.


Communication studies student works at the local senior living facility. Communication Disorders

You like helping others and are fascinated by the intricate nature of human communication. 


Kinesiology students learn with hands-on techniques.Kinesiology

You enjoy being physically active and want to help others improve their lives through proper exercise.


Students study microbiology inlab.Microbiology

You are scientifically minded and naturally curious about small organisms in our big world. 


Student prepares dish in cooking class.Nutrition and Food Science

You are interested in helping people maintain or achieve good health by teaching them to eat well and live healthier lives.


Students teach elementary students proper dental hygiene.Pre-Health Pathways

You are always there to help someone in need and strive to make a positive impact on the lives of others. 


Students conduct psychology research.Psychology

You are fascinated by all aspects of the human mind and want to know more.