Creative | LSU Majors

You enjoy breathing life into a creative thought and long to create. A career in the visual arts may be for you.

Students in an architecture classArchitecture

You are drawn to a building's perfect archway or the magnificence of a skyscraper.

Students in an art gallery.Art History

You like to visit art galleries whenever you have a chance to gaze upon the works of great artists.

Students working on set design.Design & Technology

You want to work behind the scenes in theatre to give audiences the best possible entertainment. 

Student works in digital art software.Digital Art

You are creative, enjoy the latest technology and want to design the next great 3-D animation.

Students film on shrimp boat.Screen Arts (formerly Film & Media Arts)

You look at the world like you're behind the camera and ready to tell a story on film.

Graphic design student works on class project.Graphic Design

You enjoy visual communication and pairing information with art.

Interior design student gives a presentation.Interior Design

You dream of designing homes and/or modern and functional spaces to make life livable and productive.

Landscape architecture gives presentation.Landscape Architecture

You want to design, plan for and manage our land and cities.

Student works on sculpture.Studio Art

You believe that art makes the world go around and want to learn all you can about your craft.

Student works on fashion project.Textiles/Apparel/Merchandising

You love fashion and dream of creating apparel and displaying it for the world to see.