Computers | LSU Majors

You love using technology to improve our everyday lives and to expand our virtual world. A career in computers may be for you.

Students work on project in class.Cloud Computing and Networking

You dream of unlimited computer network capabilities with storage for all of the data the world has to offer.

Computer science students work on group project.Computer Science

You want to create something out of nothing, like the next great app or video game.

Students working on set design.Design/Technology

You want to work behind the scenes in theatre to give audiences the best possible entertainment. 

Student works in digital art software.Digital Art

You are creative, enjoy the latest technology and want to design the next great 3-D animation.

Electrical engineering student works on project.Electrical Engineering

You want to learn how to make collecting and transmitting information more effective.

Graphic design student works on class project.Graphic Design

You enjoy visual communication and pairing information with art.

ITS students work on project.Information Systems & Decision Sciences

You are fascinated with technology and precision, and dream of working in a corporate setting.

Software engineer student develops avatar.Software Engineering

You want to create the newest, can't-do-without app or video game and always give feedback on your downloads.