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College of Science

You like to discover new things and want to use your knowledge to impact the world. A career in the basic sciences may be for you.   

Student works on project in lab. Astronomy

You envision yourself working in one of the world's oldest sciences, in the ranks of astrophysicists, from Nicolaus Copernicus to Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Student works on project in lab. Biochemistry

You like to examine the chemical makeup of natural products and the chemical reactions that occur in living systems.

Students work on biological sciences project.Biological Sciences

You are intrigued by the mechanics of life, how molecules are formed and the structure of cellular organisms.

Student works in chemistry lab.Chemistry

You are curious about what makes up the world around you and how materials combine and react to create something new. 

Students work on geology project.Geology

You enjoy learning about the evolution of life and the planet we call home.

Math professor explains equation.Mathematics

You like to decipher the world around you through numbers, geometry and topology.

Students conduct gulf coast research.Marine Biology

You are fascinated by the ocean, its geology and the aquatic life within it. 

Students study microbiology inlab.Microbiology

You are scientifically minded and naturally curious about small organisms in our big world. 

Physics professor explains theories.Physics

You are interested in learning about the universe around us, as well as within us.

Dental Scool acceptatnce rates: 57.8 at LSU vs. 36.4 national average.
Dental Scool acceptatnce rates: 53.8 at LSU vs. 39.7 national average.