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Agricultural Business

You are business-minded with a green thumb, and you also have an interest in how crops are grown and distributed.

About Agricultural Business

Learn how raw products move from farm to table, including all of the functions of agricultural business. This major will allow you to focus on management, marketing, finance, and economics, while addressing questions and concerns involving the economics and sociology of agriculture, natural resources, and rural communities.


Concentrations Available:

  • Agricultural Analytics - With the increasing amount of secondary and administrative data that is being captured and available for analysis, there is an increasing demand for graduates that can incorporate big data analytics into optimal business decisions. Agribusiness Analytics concentration provides the tool to analyze data and apply the knowledge in making optimal business decisions.

  • Agribusiness Finance: Learn how food and other agricultural products move from the farm to the consumer, including all the processing, transporting, and marketing that happen between the field and the table.

  • Food Industry Management: Figure out what kinds of foods people want, and then get it to them. Students learn about developing and marketing food products and gain skills that can be applied to multiple areas of agricultural business.
  • International Business: Understand agriculture’s role in our worldwide economy. Learn to identify international markets for food products and address challenges in a global marketplace, including government regulations and import and export laws. 

  • Rural Development: Help rural areas thrive by understanding how to measure the economic health and vitality of communities and learn to assist private businesses, nonprofits, and governments in finding ways to improve lives.

Possible Careers

  • Agronomist
  • Agricultural extension agent 
  • Crop production specialist 
  • Data analyst 
  • Distribution and logistics manager 
  • Food distributor/wholesaler 
  • Food industry manager 
  • Land developer 
  • Public policy manager 
  • Rural development specialist

Program Requirements

Once you're an LSU student, you'll need to meet the requirements below to continue pursuing this major.

  • 2.0 GPA in all coursework (2.5 GPA for transfer)
  • 2.0 cumulative GPA in courses toward degree requirements
  • grade of "C" or better in ENGL 1001 and MATH 1021 or higher

Senior College

College of Agriculture


B.S., Bachelor of Science

Course Load by Subject Area

  • Agriculture:  High Intensity
  • Business & Economics:  High Intensity
  • Communication:  Low Intensity
  • Math:  Low Intensity
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