If you have endured sexual and/or interpersonal violence, you may feel unsafe, exposed, and/or alone. You may fear re-victimization, worry that you’ve lost control, or anticipate that others won’t believe or support you.  We acknowledge that you are the expert in your own safety and that you are likely the best at detecting danger in your environment. We also want you to be aware of the following safety services and resources.  

  1. 911: If you ever feel in immediate danger always call 911
  2. Pursue a temporary restraining order through the courts.  
    • In Louisiana, you can file a TRO for domestic abuse, sexual assault, or stalking.  
    • Title IX staff can connect the person with LSU PD or IRIS for assistance in filing 
    • More information is available at   
  3. No contact order: TIX can put a no contact order in place (when both complainant and respondent are LSU community members) which prohibits communication between the two parties.
    • Typically put in place by the Title IX Coordinator when there is a pattern of unwanted and repeated contact from one party to another
    • If violated, university conduct/disciplinary procedures are used
    • Not applicable once either or both individuals are no longer affiliated with LSU
      Note: University No Contact Orders are not enforceable by law enforcement
  4. Emergency housing on campus: TIX can help connect students to emergency on campus housing through Residential Life
    • Temporary: typically stays are between 5-7 days
    • Contingent on what spaces are available
    • Individual should bring personal items like sheets, towels, toiletries, etc.
  5. Referrals to local shelters: Can provide information on local shelters in the Baton Rouge area
    • St. Vincent de Paul
    • Capital Area Alliance
    • St. Agnes
    • Salvation Army
  6. Safety planning: “Safety Planning” is a term used when referring to figuring out in advance a way to keep yourself safe if ever you feel that you are in danger. 
  7. LSU Police Department: TIX can connect students to LSU PD for a number of reasons. LSU PD can assist students who are filing for TROs, answer questions about reporting, provide increased patrolling in certain areas on campus, provide safety tips, and more. The LSU Stay Safe website provides additional resources and links related to on campus safety.
  8. LSU Shield App: The LSU Shield mobile app is a free tool designed to improve the safety and security of the LSU Community and is available to everyone—students, faculty, staff and visitors. 
  9. On Demand Campus Transit: If on campus (especially alone or at night) consider using the on Demand transit service to be picked up and dropped off at pre-determined, strategic locations across campus