Reporting Options

It is a tremendously challenging and personal decision when considering whether to report power-based violence, and if so, with which authorities to report.  Every individual has a different interpretation of what it means to achieve justice and/or healing. Therefore, there is no right decision when weighing these options.

flowchart of reporting options: text-only details follow

Reporting to the university

A formal complaint is an online document that alleges the misconduct of a fellow LSU community member that would be a violation of PM-73. Filing a Formal Complaint alleging sex- or gender-based harassment, including discrimination and sexual misconduct serves as a request to the University to take action by officially facilitating a resolution. A formal complaint must be filed by the person who experienced harm. Under certain circumstances, the Title IX Coordinator may choose to file a formal complaint on behalf of the university. Individuals have access to supportive measures regardless of their decision to file a formal complaint.

Reporting to law enforcement

If you believe a crime was committed, you may choose to report to the law enforcement agency whose jurisdiction covers the location of the incident. Additionally, LSU community members may also have the option to file a formal complaint with the Office of Civil Rights & Title IX (OCR&TIX).

You may opt for both reporting to law enforcement and filing a formal complaint. OCR&TIX will comply with law enforcement requests for cooperation which may require us to temporarily pause resolution efforts to allow the law enforcement agency uninterrupted gathering of evidence. OCR&TIX will promptly resume resolution efforts as soon as notified by law enforcement that it is okay to do so.  
For more information about Louisiana specific laws around sexual violence, see: Laws in Louisiana.

Take no action

You may decide it’s best for you take no formal action and report nowhere. And that’s okay. There is no pressure or requirement to do so. Your healing journey is your own and OCR&TIX will provide support and information to you regardless of your choice.

I'm still not sure if I’m ready to report. What are my options?

Please know you're not alone. The decision to report your experience is an incredibly personal one. If you are not sure whether you are ready to report, confidential assistance is available to you. You can discuss your reporting options and how to proceed with a confidential resource to make a decision that feels best for you.


LSU encourages reporting and seeks to remove barriers in reporting of power-based violence and sex- or gender- based harassment or discrimination, including sexual misconduct. A Complainant and/or witness who, in good faith, reports an alleged violation may not be disciplined for code of conduct violations reasonably related to the incident, such as underage drinking or unauthorized use of facilities, provided such violation did not place the health and safety of any other person at significant risk of harm. Immunity does not apply to a person who perpetrates or assists in the perpetration of the reported incident.