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The potential impact of carbon sequestration on the environment has been a local hot button issue for years, fueled largely by a lack of credible data. A team of LSU researchers led by Frank Tsai, a professor in LSU's Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, hopes to change all that.

Director Brad Ives was a guest at Axios’ May 13th broadcast event looking at how Louisiana is building a cleaner energy infrastructure for the future. In the interview, Brad discusses the recently awarded $160 million NSF Future Use of Energy in Louisiana (FUEL) grant and its use, LSU Institute for Energy Innovation’s overall goal of carbon reduction, carbon sequestration and specifically the institute’s role in projects like Lake Maurepas, the integrity of the institute’s and LSUs research process, and the need for more engineers.

While harnessing wind energy at sea is still in its early stages in the United States, Louisiana workers and companies are uniquely positioned to play an outsized role in this new sector, just as they have for the past century in offshore oil and gas.

LSU petroleum engineering associate professor Mehdi Zeidouni has been awarded a $252,160 grant from the LSU Institute for Energy Innovation. The grant will support his work tracking subsurface carbon dioxide flow and well-sealing capacity in geological carbon storage projects.

On Wednesday, Feb. 28, LSU welcomed Geraldine (Geri) Richmond, the Under Secretary for Science and Innovation at the Department of Energy, to campus, where she visited with President William F. Tate IV and toured LSU facilities and labs devoted to energy studies.

Though solar farming is not a novel concept in renewable energy, it is fairly new to the state of Louisiana. With the advancement of renewable resources come questions about how they will affect humans and the environment.

Highly competitive NSF Engines grant will provide up to $160 million to support Louisiana’s energy industry, create jobs and develop the energy workforce.

LSU Institute for Energy Innovation Director Brad Ives, who is featured in the latest episode of Business Report’s “Strictly Business” webcast, aims to help Louisiana chart a course toward a more sustainable future.

Realizing the potential to harness the Sun’s energy, LSU Bert S. Turner Department of Construction Management Assistant Professor Arup Bhattacharya is researching solar power farming in the state thanks to a $94,000 grant from the Institute for Energy Innovation.

Thanks to a nearly $500,000 experimental grant from the LSU Institute for Energy Innovation, LSU Craft & Hawkins Department of Petroleum Engineering Assistant Professor Jyotsna Sharma is leading a team of researchers that includes LSU Mechanical Engineering Associate Professor Manas Gartia and collaborators at the National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) to develop a distributed fiber-optic sensor (DFOS) to monitor CO2 leaks and structural integrity in CCS sites and CO2 pipelines.

Louisiana Sea Grant and LSU AgCenter water quality specialist M.P. Hayes is the recipient of a $500,000, two-year research grant from the Louisiana State University Institute for Energy Innovation (IEI) and the LSU Office of Research and Economic Development (ORED).

An interdisciplinary team from the LSU Department of Environmental Sciences is helping to ensure the success of CCuS projects in the state, by using artificial intelligence to help select safe, stable sites for the captured carbon to be injected and stored.

President Biden and the Economic Development Administration have announced an LSU-led consortium, Gulf Louisiana Offshore Wind, or GLOW, Propeller, as one of only 31 newly designated Tech Hubs.

Professor Hall will lead the study, assisted by Professor Greg Upton, interim executive director of the LSU Center for Energy Studies; Professor Joanna Walker of the LSU Center for Energy Studies; and Professor Daniel Keniston, who serves as director of graduate studies in the Department of Economics at the LSU E.J. Ourso College of Business.

The mission of Katie Mehnert's company, ALLY Energy, is to accelerate connections, jobs and skills to power the energy workforce of the future and to help the gulf states across the coast prepare for the energy transition.

Industry-LSU Energy Innovation Workshops

The LSU Institute for Energy Innovation hosted an Industry-LSU Energy Innovation Workshop on February 6, 2024, at the Water Campus on the Mississippi River in Baton Rouge. Participants representing industry and academia were welcomed by Director Brad Ives, received a presentation from Dr. Margaret Reams on Environmental Justice and Community Benefit Planning, and heard from industry representatives regarding their energy initiatives.  Participants took part in tabletop discussions, sharing views and identifying research needs surrounding the 2024-I (Phase II) RFP study areas.  Discussion surrounding the research areas was captured in a summary report along with links to more information on LSU IEI’s round two requests for research proposals and a video of the presentations.

Download the spring 2024 Recap report

Watch the workshop recording


The LSU Institute for Energy Innovation hosted a Co-Production Workshop on July 18, 2023, at the Water Campus on the Mississippi River in Baton Rouge. Roughly eighty participants representing industry and academia shared views and identified research needs surrounding carbon capture and sequestration, solar deployment, and environmental justice. Discussion surrounding these research areas was captured in a summary report along with links to more information on LSU IEI’s round one of requests for synthesis and experimental research proposals and a video recap of the day.

Download the 2023 recap report

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Robert Twilley

Dr. Robert Twilley presents at the LSU Institute for Innovation Co-Production Workshop.


Christen Campbell

Christen Campbell of BASF discusses environmental justice initiatives.

 Innovation Workshop attendees

LSU academic researchers participate in LSU Institute for Innovation Co-Production Workshop.

Tokesha Collins-Wright

Tokesha Collins-Wright, Vice President of Environmental Affairs at LCA, provides industry updates.

Rhoman Hardy

Rhoman Hardy discusses current industry initiatives with workshop attendee.

faculty at Innovation Workshop

LSU faculty and staff network at the LSU Institute for Innovation Co-Production Workshop.

Rhoman Hardy

Rhoman Hardy leads presentation at the LSU Institute for Innovation Co-Production Workshop.

 Innovation Workshop attendees

LSU faculty and industry professionals listen to industry trends and challenges.

Sinha Indrani

Sinha Indrani, Manager Geophysical Technologies at Air Products, participates in carbon capture and sequestration breakout discussion.

Raj Swaminathan

Raj Swaminathan shares industry insights on behalf of Drax.