Student Request for Interpreter, Transliterator or Captionist

Sign Language Interpreter

A person trained in translating between a spoken and a signed language. This usually means someone who interprets what is being said and signs it for someone who can't hear, but understands sign.

Cued Speech Transliterator

A person uses Cued Speech to convey the sounds that make the words someone is saying so that another person (who understands Cued Speech) can understand word for word what was being said in the same language in which it was said.

Real-Time Captionist

A person provides instant translation of spoken English into written English text, which is displayed electronically for the viewer to read in real-time (e.g. closed captioning / subtitles). 


Students who have registered with Disability Services to receive associated accommodations can request use of Sign Language Interpreters, Cued Speech Transliterators, or Real-Time Captionists for events or activities. Learn more about student rights and responsibilities regarding the use of Communication Facilitators.

Complete the form below to request interpreter/transliterator/captionist services:

  • Please note that we cannot process incomplete forms.
  • A Communication Access Form must be completed when registering with the DS office to use Communication Facilitator Services. 

In submitting this form,

  • I understand the Communication Facilitators that are assigned to my class will leave 10 minutes after the teacher starts class if I am not in attendance and I will be marked as a “NO SHOW” for that class.
  • I understand that after three (3) documented No Shows my services will be temporarily suspended until I meet with my DS Advisor to acknowledge in writing my understanding of the No Show policy.
  • I understand that if I do not plan to attend a class that has a scheduled Communication Facilitator I am to notify the CF Coordinator PRIOR to the beginning of class via text or E-mail.
  • If using captioning services, I understand that if I am not using my own laptop/electronic device to connect to the captionists’ computer I am required to sit either beside or directly behind the captionist so that I can appropriately view the computer screen for real-time access to the classroom communication.
  • I understand that it is my responsibility to notify the CF Coordinator of any changes to my class schedule immediately.
  • I have been made aware that the DS Student Handbook with all policies and procedures is available online at and includes but is not limited to the above stated policies.

I authorize all information provided on this form, including any and all personal data, to be shared with LSU departments to ensure accuracy and resolve inquiries in a timely manner. This data will be securely retained indefinitely. To learn more about privacy at LSU, please see the LSU Privacy Statement


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