Key Request

This form allows current faculty, staff, and, in limited circumstances, students with an active affiliation (e.g. Music major, Tiger Band student staff) with the School of Music to request physical keys.

University policy requires that all permanently-issued keys must be issued by the LSU Office of Facility Services. For needs lasting only a short period of time (i.e., not longer than a week), keys may be issued locally and will be reviewed and approved on an individual basis.

Key Boxes

The College of Music & Dramatic Arts (CMDA) has instituted a new approach to key management that is both flexible and secure. Two automated key boxes have been placed in strategic locations: one in the New School of Music building near room 118 and the other in the Music & Dramatic Arts building near room 125.

These key boxes aim to streamline the issuing of keys, either permanently or temporarily, and improve control over room access. Submitting and receiving approval for a key request does not guarantee a permanent key. Instead, access may be granted to a specific key within one of the key boxes.

The decision to issue a key or grant access to a key in the key box rests with the building coordinator handling the request. Appeals regarding this decision can be made to the building coordinator, accompanied by written justification. 

For key box assignments, someone will contact you to schedule an appointment to input your contact information, fingerprint, and access permissions into the system.

A vital aspect of this system is the timely return of keys to the key boxes. The key boxes will notify you and administrators if a key is not returned within the designated timeframe. Failure to comply with this responsibility may lead to a suspension of access to keys.

About Student Requests

Student requests for keys are first routed to the faculty/staff supervisor for approval. Faculty/staff should email approval to operations office for further processing - this part of the process is being done in lieu of signatures of approval on a physical form. Students should check with their faculty/staff member to ensure that the request has been approved and properly routed to the School of Music Operations Office. Instructions will be included in the automated emails sent by this form.

Timeframe for Permanent Keys

Once a request is received by the operations office with all necessary approvals, the request will be sent by a building coordinator to Facility Services to have a key cut and issued. Note that it usually takes a few days for the key to be issued. The timeframe is dependent upon the number of requests received by facility services and the availability of key blanks. Please submit requests as soon as you know of the need to allow time for processing and issuing of keys.

When the key is ready to be issued, the requestor will receive a notification via email (to their LSU email address provided here) that they is ready for pick up.  Keys must be picked up by the requestor at the LSU Facility Services Building located on CEBA Lane, adjacent to Patrick F. Taylor Hall.  You will need to show your LSU ID to Facility Services personnel before they will release the keys to you. If you have any temporary keys from the department, those must be returned to the SOM Operations Office within two days of you receiving your permanent keys.

Once you have read and understood this information, please proceed to the next page to submit your request.