LSU Kinesiology is Geauxing the Distance for Scholarship First

April 04, 2024

Faculty, students, and partners come together for inaugural research symposium.

In April, the school hosted its inaugural research symposium named Geauxing the Distance with Kinesiology. This two-day scholarship-focused event was conceptualized by LSU School of Kinesiology faculty, who sought to celebrate the restoration of the Huey P. Long Field House and unveil more than 11,000 square feet of new laboratory space. The goal for the symposium was to highlight the innovation taking place at LSU while also engaging community members and students in research with real-world applications and implications. Attendees were able to attend breakout sessions, a student research poster session, tour laboratories and classrooms, and interact with world-class faculty researchers.

"Geauxing the Distance with Kinesiology was an exciting opportunity to bring visiting and current faculty, students, and community members together to learn and engage with each other. The visiting faculty enjoyed seeing our newly renovated spaces and hearing about the great work our students are doing. The event also spurred productive conversations relating to scholarship and collaborations with our community partners."

Rebecca Hirschhorn, Assistant Professor of Professional Practice in the School of Kinesiology

Upon completion of the renovations, students began attending classes in the Field House in summer 2023;  Tigers have access to a Body Composition Laboratory (BCL), a Vascular and Metabolism Laboratory (VML), a Biochemistry and ImmunoBioenergetics Laboratory (IBL), an Environmental Chamber, an Exercise Testing Laboratory (ETL), a Skeletal Biology Laboratory (SBL), a Women’s Physiology Research Laboratory (WPRL), a Motor Skill Assessment and Intervention Laboratory (M-SAIL), a Pedagogical Kinesiology Laboratory (PK Lab), an Advancements in Motivation Science Laboratory (AIMS), the Rathbone Human Anatomy & Cadaver Laboratory, and the Ochsner Wellness Center. 

Students tour the labs in the Huey P. Long Field House

Geauxing the Distance attendees tour state of the art labs in the Huey P. Long Field House.

Students pose for a photo at Geauxing the Distance

Students pose for a photo in the Huey P. Long Field House Ballroom during Geauxing the Distance.

"Geauxing the Distance was a great success. The symposium was created with the idea of putting LSU’s Scholarship First agenda into action for our outstanding LSU Kinesiology students. We truly hope our attendees walked away from our conference with a deeper understanding of Kinesiology research taking place in the community around them. Thank you so much to Provost Haggerty and Dean Mitchell for your support of our school and this momentous event."

Brian Irving, Associate Professor in the LSU School of Kinesiology


Student prepares to present at Geauxing the DistanceGeauxing the Distance attendees were delighted to learn from esteemed speakers in exercise physiology, motor behavior, pedagogy, and athletic training/sports sciences such as Dr. Scott Powers of Stetson University, Dr. Kristen Kucera of the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, Dr. Jana Iverson of Boston University, and Dr. Ang Chen of the University of North Carolina Greensboro.  

In addition to diving into research- based lectures on K-12 Physical Education and whether a pill can provide the health benefits of exercise, School of Kinesiology students were also able to participate in a student-led research poster presentation. Here, students were encouraged to share their research findings with attendees, gaining invaluable presentation experience that can lead to conference submissions/presentations and other professional development opportunities. Attendees were also able to tour classrooms and labs in the Huey P. Long Field House, including the Rathbone Human Anatomy & Cadaver Laboratory, Body Composition Laboratory (BCL) and a Vascular and Metabolism Laboratory (VML). 

“The Geauxing the Distance with Kinesiology event was a remarkable opportunity for LSU students to delve into kinesiology, equipping them with practical insights and inspiring a deeper interest in physical health sciences with experts from around the nation. The sessions provided valuable insight, critical for academic and professional development. This event highlighted LSU's Kinesiology department's fierce spirit and reinforced our commitment to fostering educational growth and well-being."

Gregory Davis, Exercise Physiology Doctoral Student in the School of Kinesiology


BROC members pose for a photo at Geauxing the Distance with Kinesiology

This research symposium hosted 238 attendees across both days: 

  • 29 faculty/staff, including attendees from Pennington Biomedical Research Center
  • 172 LSU graduate and undergraduate students
  • 37 community members, including four local parish public school systems officials, physicians  from the Baton Rouge Orthopedic Clinic, and multiple athletic trainers 

Attendees expressed their gratitude for this symposium, as it allowed them to bring powerful knowledge across a breadth of health-related fields back into their academic and professional environments.

"Geauxing the Distance with Kinesiology was a fantastic event. The guests we were able to bring with us left with powerful knowledge that they were able take back to their community's stake holders. Thank you for bringing in such knowledgeable and personable guest lecturers to help update our current practices."

Deanna Melancon, MS, LAT, ATC & Director of Sports Medicine Engagement at Baton Rouge Orthopedic Clinic 


Geauxing the Distance featured multiple esteemed speakers from across the United States. LSU students were able to learn about significant Kinesiology topics from distinguished scholars and professors.


Time Session Location
8 a.m. Welcome Session
College of Human Sciences & Education Dean Roland Mitchell
Room 1201
8:30 a.m. Exercise mimetics: Can a pill provide the health benefits of exercise?
Dr. Scott Powers, Distinguished Scholar, Department of Health Sciences, Stetson University
Room 1201
9:30 a.m. Catastrophic Sports Injuries: the Intersection of Data, Community Partnerships, and Prevention
Dr. Kristen Kucera, Associate Professor, Exercise and Sport Science and Director, National Center for Catastrophic Sport Injury Research, The University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
Room 1201
10:30 a.m. Coffee Break & Laboratory Tours Laura F. Lindsay Ballroom
1:30 p.m. Developmental Cascades: How Sitting and Walking Shape Opportunities for Social Interaction and Communication in Infancy
Dr. Jana Iverson, Professor of Physical Therapy and Associate Dean for Research, Sargent College of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences, Boston University
Room 1201
2:30 p.m. Scaling up Research: Lessons Learned in Studying K-12 Physical Education
Dr. Ang Chen, Professor, Department of Kinesiology, School of Health & Human Sciences, University of North Carolina Greensboro
Room 1201
3:30 p.m. Coffee Break and Breakout Sessions Laura F. Lindsay Ballroom
4 p.m. Lightning Talks (Graduate Student Finalists) Room 1201
5 p.m. Poster Session & Reception Laura F. Lindsay Ballroom



Time Session Location
9 a.m. Advancing a Competitive Research Program Panel Discussion Room B0223
10 a.m. Funding for PhD and Beyond Breakout Sessions Room B0223
11 a.m. Closing Remarks Room B0223


Geauxing the Distance was made possible thanks to the generosity of LSU Provost Roy Haggerty for the donation of the Provost’s Fund for Innovation. This fund benefits LSU students by encouraging collaboration and exchanges with scholars from academic agencies and assists in the sponsorship of academic seminars on campus. The symposium was also supported by the LSU College of Human Sciences & Education. 

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