English as a Second Language Add-on Certificate

About the Add-on Certificate

The add on certificate will introduce you to theories behind teaching English as a Second Language as well as teaching with success in a multicultural society. As countries and cultures become more inter-connected, the foundation of language becomes increasingly important. By completing the state requirements, you will gain knowledge and understanding of the following: 

  • Introduction to Language & Culture
  • Structure of the English Language
  • Methods of Teaching ESL
  • Curriculum Design for the Multicultural Classroom

This add on certificate is ideal if you would like to teach the English Language to students from other nations who are newly enrolled in primary, intermediate, or secondary grades. Teachers can use the certificate and endorsement to stand out in the job market and to enhance their school system’s rich, inclusive resources.

NOTE: English as a Second Language certification will be only be valid in the teaching area(s) in which one is certified. This certification area applies only to teachers of children with limited English-speaking ability. The ESL Add-On Certificate is not a stand-alone graduate degree.

Information for the Louisiana English as a Second Language Add-on Certification.

Student Profile

Current and future licensed teachers may enroll for an Add-On ESL Certificate. To qualify for an English as a Second Language Add-On Certificate, you must hold a valid Type A, B, C, Level 1, 2, or 3 Louisiana certificate or currently be in a teacher preparation program. If you are already a certified teacher then you can either be enrolled in a degree program or non-degree seeking.

Course Descriptions

Students must complete 12 semester hours from the list of approved courses provided below. The qualifying LSU courses are indicated next to the state requirement. When multiple course numbers are listed, any of the courses will fulfill the state requirement. All ESL courses are offered online and on campus.

  • ENGL/LING 3720, Methods for Teaching English as a Second Language, 3 credit hours
  • ENGL/LING 4720, Second Language Acquisition, 3 credit hours
  • EDCI 4003, World Language Instruction, 3 credit hours
  • EDCI 4900*, Special Topics in Curriculum and Instruction: Methods for Teaching ESL, 1 - 3 credit hours
  • EDCI 7106**, Teacher Reading to Diverse Populations: Focus on ELLs, 3 credit hours

  • ANTH 3060, Introduction to Anthropological Linguistics, 3 credit hours
  • ANTH 4060, Language and Culture, 3 credit hours
  • ENGL 2716, Language Diversity, Society, and Power, 3 credit hours
  • ENGL/LING, 3716 Dialects of English, 3 credit hours
  • ENGL/LING, 4310 Studies in Language: Language in Animation, 3 credit hours
  • ENGL/LING, 4310 Studies in Language: Introduction to Sociolinguistics, 3 credit hours
  • ENGL/LING, 4716 Sociolinguistics, 3 credit hours
  • EDCI 4800, Teaching in the Multicultural Classroom, 3 credit hours

  • ENGL 2012, Practical Grammar and Usage, 3 credit hours
  • ENGL 2710, Descriptive Grammar, 3 credit hours
  • ENGL/LING 4710, Introduction to Linguistics, 3 credit hours
  • ENGL/LING 4711, History of the English Language, 3 credit hours
  • ENGL/LING 4713, Syntax, 3 credit hours
  • EDCI 5880, Introduction to English Language, 1-3 credit hours

  • EDCI 3001, Student Development and Diversity, 3 credit hours
  • EDCI 4004, Critical Issues in Foreign Language Teaching, 3 credit hours
  • EDCI 4900*, Special Topic: Second Language Curriculum Development, 3 credit hours

 *EDCI 4900 must be annotated as either ESL Teaching Methods or Second Language Curriculum Development.

**EDCI 7106 must be annotated or indicate that the focus is on ELLs.

ANTH – Anthropology, EDCI – Curriculum & Instruction, ENGL – English, LING – Linguistics.  ENGL and LING courses are interchangeable, so if an ENGL section is full make sure to check the LING section and vice versa.


Currently enrolled students

Any student who has been admitted to a graduate degree program in a related field is eligible to earn the add-on certificate. Students currently enrolled in a graduate degree program who are interested in completing the ESL Add-on Certificate should email Dr. Barrera.

Non-degree seeking students

Applications and supporting materials for all graduate studies must be submitted through the LSU Graduate School. Official transcripts, official test scores, and other materials that come from third-party sources must be mailed to: Graduate Admissions, 114 West David Boyd Hall, Baton Rouge, LA 70803. These paper documents are stored electronically and departments have access to all materials submitted by and/or on behalf of a student applying to graduate study.

  • Applicants must be certified to teach.
  • Applications for admission are received and evaluated throughout the year and are continuously evaluated so that students may be admitted for any semester.
  • Email Dr. Barrera and notify him that you have are interested in the ESL Add-On Certificate


For more information, please contact:
Stan Barrera, PhD
Associate Professor
Language, Literacy, and Culture
LSU School of Education
221 Peabody Hall