Interested in undergraduate research, but don't know where to start? Take a look at the list of LSU College of Agriculture faculty that are currently seeking undergraduate researchers. Learn more abut their areas of interest and current project. Undergraduate students are welcome to explore areas of research outside of their major.


Questions about undergraduate research? Contact the College of Agriculture at agri@lsu.edu.

Name Area of Interest Phone Email
Dr. Carl Jiang Epigenetic mechanisms of early embryonic loss and pregnancy loss 225-578-5037 zjiang@agcenter.lsu.edu


Name Area of Interest Phone Email
Dr. Qian Sun Urban entomology, chemical communication, social behavior, termites 225-578-1634 qsun@agcenter.lsu.edu
Dr. Jeff Davis IPM, aphids, stink bugs, soybean, plant virus vectors 225-578-5618 jeffdavis@agcenter.lsu.edu
Dr. Blake Wilson Agriculture, insects, ecology 225-642-0224 bwilson@agcenter.lsu.edu


Name Area of Interest Phone Email
Dr. Athanasios Gentimis Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Digital Agriculture, Neural Networks, Health Informatics 225-578-8303 agentimis1@lsu.edu


Name Area of Interest Phone Email
Dr. Tristan Watson Nematology, Plant Pathology, Soil Ecology, Cover Crops, Nematicides 225-578-1387 twatson@agcenter.lsu.edu
Dr. Vinson Doyle Fungal biodiversity, evolution, systematics, plant pathology 225-578-4052 vdoyle@agcenter.lsu.edu
Jonathan K. Richards,  Ph.D Molecular host-pathogen interactions, fungal biology, genomics, and genetics 225-578-3479 JRichards@agcenter.lsu.edu


Name Area of Interest Phone Email
Dr. Terrence Tiersch Interdisciplinary collaboration
Reproductive biology
Aquatic species
Biological engineering
3-d printing
Rapid prototyping
Open-source hardware
225-578-4131 ttiersch@agcenter.lsu.edu
Dr. J.A. Nyman Wetland restoration, wildlife management,  225-578-4220 jnyman@lsu.edu
Dr. Kevin Ringelman Avian ecology, waterfowl, wetlands 225-578-4212 kringe2@lsu.edu
Dr. Michael Kaller Fish, pollution, crayfish, insects, wetlands 225-578-0012 mkalle1@lsu.edu
Dr. Luke Laborde Survey research in outdoor recreation; birding surveys on LSU properties 225-578-4146 llabor2@lsu.edu
Dr. Philip Stouffer Ornithology, citizen science, bird conservation 225-578-4221 pstouffer@lsu.edu
Dr. Brett Wolfe Forest ecology, plant-water relations, tree physiology 225-578-7086 wolfe1@lsu.edu
Dr. Ashley Long   225-578-4940 amlong@agcenter.lsu.edu


Name Area of Interest Phone Email
Dr. Kayanush Aryana Functional foods; probiotic characteristics; food processing; food quality and safety 225-578-4380


Dr. Georgianna Tuuri food literacy, behavior change, young adults, adolescents, questionnaires 225-578-1722 gtuuri@agcenter.lsu.edu
Dr. Erin McKinley infant feeding; instrument development; education evaluation; surveys 225-578-1631 emckinley1@lsu.edu
Dr. Witoon Prinyawiwatkul New product development
Value-added product development
Healthy food products
Consumer perception of food
Sensory Evaluation of food
225-578-5188 wprinya@lsu.edu


Name Area of Interest Phone Email
Dr. Casey Stannard   225-578-2404 stannard@lsu.edu