Studio 151 Policies & Equipment Check-out Procedures

Studio Rules

  • Students should not have food or drinks near the computers.
  • Students are not allowed in rooms 151-H, 151-K or 151-J; Studio staff should obtain all needed equipment out of these areas for the students.
  • Student or groups must supply their own batteries, and other production consumables needed for projects; the Studio does not supply these items.

Studio Procedures

  • Students must register with the Studio 151 front desk if they are intending to check-out equipment.
  • Students should sign-in at the WCOnline station upon entering Studio 151 and should sign-out once their session is completed.
  • Students should explain their communication assignment to a mentor—even if no immediate assistance is needed.
  • Like any working assignment, students should save their projects periodically.  Projects may be saved on the Studio 151 Server while students are working on the project.
  • It is your responsibility to backup your files with alternate methods; Studio 151 is not responsible for the loss of any needed material during the project’s development or after its completion.
  • Select equipment may be checked out of the Studio during academic semesters.
  • When each visit is complete, students should notify mentor, who will secure equipment, and then, students should return chairs to their original location, and sign-out by swiping their ID card.

Studio Disclaimers

  • The Studio is not responsible for students’ inability to complete projects by their assigned deadlines; students should consider revision, technological difficulties, and lack of resources, when planning their projects’ timelines.
  • The Studio’s normal business hours may occasionally be disrupted because of reserved class projects, scheduled meetings, or other departmental events; students should plan accordingly.
  • Although students can save working projects directly on the Studio 151 Server, the Studio is not responsible if the project is lost, not saved properly, or deleted due to needing to free up space on the server.
  • The Studio does maintain an archive of projects from past semesters on our Studio 151 Server. However, projects will be deleted at the end of the semester from individual Studio workstations. There is no guarantee that you will be able to retrieve projects from the Studio hard drives once the semester has ended.
  • The Studio has the right to charge fines and to deny check-out privileges to any student based on violations.

File Storage Procedures

  • Students who use Studio 151 should save their projects to the Studio 151 server, however, students are encouraged to back-up their projects in an alternative method as well.

Equipment Check-out

  • Studio 151 is able to check out equipment to students; however, below are some responsibilities that students should keep in mind when checking out the Studio’s equipment:

Students are responsible for:

  • the item you check out, whether it is for your own project or for a group project.
  • returning the item and any supplemental item (such as batteries, cords, manual if applicable) in their original condition and on time.
  • any fine that is procured.

Duration and Renewal Procedures

  • All equipment has a two-day check-out duration.
  • If a student needs the item past the return date, that student must bring the item back into the Studio for renewal.
  • An item can be renewed up to three times.
  • An item cannot be renewed if there are people on the waiting list who need to check out that specific item.
  • In the event that a waiting list does exist, students will be placed at the bottom of the waiting list and contacted when the needed item is available.

Violations and Consequences

  • Untimely return of equipment
  • Improper care for equipment
  • Neglect to return all components
  • Return of damaged equipment
  • Loss of equipment

Equipment Available for Check-Out