Immersive Teacher Development Experiences

LSU C-I Teaching Labs

Expanding from LSU’s previous award-winning annual Faculty Summer Institute model, LSU C-I Teaching Labs are interactive workshops where college teachers explore, collaborate, and share practical strategies for integrating Communication-Intensive (C-I) teaching and learning into their existing undergraduate courses. Throughout the Teaching Labs, participants focus on updating their own course designs to efficiently and effectively advance students’ learning of course content and students’ discipline-specific communication skills. 

What We Promise

  • An opportunity to explore specific elements of C-I teaching with an eye toward a current or future C-I course you’re planning.
  • A highly productive use of your time, including a purposefully coordinated agenda. Labs frequently consist of guided small-group discussions, idea exchanges, and applied workshops.
  • Teaching-focused conversation and collaboration with fellow teachers from a broad range of disciplines and focus areas.

What We Ask

  • Being present—in both attendance and focus—for all scheduled activities throughout the C-I Teaching Lab.
  • Active participation in, and contributions to, the collaborative faculty community experience.

What Past Participants Say About Their Experience

The C-I Teaching Lab was truly the best professional development experience I’ve had since I started teaching. Thank you for the energy and enthusiasm you infused throughout the week; it was contagious and I really needed it! —Agriculture Professor

This was an awesome sharing of experience and expertise, and I benefited greatly from it—more so than any conference I’ve ever attended. Everything was so well thought out, tasks were clear, goals were clear – and I really work well under those circumstances. Thanks for allowing me to be part of this incredible learning community. —Education Professor

The opportunity to connect and collaborate with colleagues from across campus was really fantastic. I learned a lot this week and I know this is going to elevate my teaching and my students’ learning. —Science Professor

Such an incredible workshop experience! The agenda was innovative and really effective for a live remote format. The participant engagement you were able to facilitate was really impressive. And the workbook was great; I will definitely continue to use it for all my other course designs. (I also loved the welcome package--my colleagues were jealous!). The whole orchestration of the Lab was top-notch; A+ for all the CxC team! —History Professor

This was an effective and efficient way to develop my teaching. I hope all faculty take advantage of this amazing opportunity. —Engineering Professor

Carving out time to think intentionally about our teaching is hard, so thanks for creating this space! The guidance, support, and ideas I took from this week were invaluable. —Social Sciences Professor

I admit that I was skeptical about a 4-day workshop being online, but this was hands down the best remote workshop I have ever participated in. It was even better than some of the in-person workshops I’ve attended. The organization, variation, and facilitation were genius and kept me from feeling zoomed out. —Agriculture Professor

I had a rough semester so when May came around, I was exhausted and really needed a break. I had already committed to the Lab, so I pushed myself to show up. Within the first hour, I was energized and inspired. I met so many new colleagues, and I actually enjoyed being stretched by excellent teachers. I know I glossed over some Lab assignments and probably wasn’t the best student, but I walked away knowing I can do this and do it well. I am truly grateful for your patience and willingness to meet me where I am. —Business Professor

I just left class where I experimented with an activity I learned at last year’s C-I Teaching Lab—WOW! The students responded more enthusiastically than I have ever seen in my 15+ years of teaching. The instruction went smoothly and I think this activity will lead to stronger final projects. It will be a permanent addition to this course. —Social Sciences Professor

C-I Teaching Lab Frequently Asked Questions

LSU teachers of undergraduate courses committed to advancing student learning within their classrooms receive priority consideration. If this is you, tell us about your interest in participating in the next C-I Teaching Lab!

College teachers from other institutions interested in integrating Communication-Intensive teaching and learning into their classrooms are welcome to participate when space permits. If this is you, tell us about your interest in participating in the next C-I Teaching Lab!

Labs are held throughout the academic year focusing on a variety of topics relevant to C-I teachers. You might take part in a virtual one-hour Lab occuring during a traditional lunch hour, a half-day event covering a Friday afternoon, a hybrid Lab occurring over several weeks, or an intensive in-person multi-day conference on campus in between semesters or during semester breaks. For each lab experience, we promise you the same level of engagement and collaboration!