There are several clubs that reflect our students varied interests. 

Anatomy Club

Animal Behavior (SCAVSAB)

  • President: Patrick Hall (2023) 
  • Advisor:  Dr. Brandy Duhon  
  • Contact:  
  • Our mission is to promote the understanding of applied animal behavior that fosters compassionate and respectful interactions with animals. Club meetings and wet labs focus on interpreting animal behaviors and learning how to utilize this knowledge in a veterinary setting. Natural behaviors, as well as problem behaviors, in companion animals and exotics, and how to interpret, approach, correct, and explain such behaviors to clients is an important aspect of the club. Enrichment and training, especially in zoo and wildlife medicine, is also an extremely important focus of the club. Furthermore, we provide opportunities to explore human-animal interaction, in an effort to encourage understanding, familiarity and safety among many different species so students can become more confident and efficient when working with animals of all types.

Student Association of Black Veterinarians (SABV)


  • Founders: Kierra Coleman (2023) and Darius Statham (2023)
  • Advisor: Dr. Lorrie Gaschen
  • Contact:
  • The mission of the Student Association for Black Veterinarians (SABV), will be to further the efforts of its parent organization National Association for Black Veterinarians (NABV). The mission of the NABV, through its leadership and members, will be to “build a network of individuals and organizations that advocates for Blacks in veterinary medicine at every level and profession.” The Louisiana State University (LSU) School of Veterinary Medicine (SVM) SABV chapter will strive to strengthen and empower the Black community by providing education on cultural competency and appropriation, becoming active participants in community outreach and service projects, maintaining visibility within the LSU SVM and the Baton Rouge community, working in solidarity with other organizations in Baton Rouge, and developing an alumni network to mentor current and prospective veterinary students.

Veterinary Business Management Association (VBMA)


  • President: Young Cho (2023)
  • Advisor: Dr. Cullen Domaracki
  • Contact: 
  • The Veterinary Business Management Association was founded to improve the success of veterinarians and the veterinary profession. Regardless what sector of veterinary medicine you may enter, it is the goal of our VBMA chapter here at LSU to better equip you in skills such as networking, finance, business operations, communication, contract negations, and much more. We do that by providing you will many meetings throughout the semester that span all of those topics, plus many more. And the biggest perk of all, by attending the meetings you will graduate with a Business Certificate that looks incredible on resumes and aids you in landing that job you’ve been dreaming of. Feel free to visit the national VBMA website for more information,!

Critical Care/Emergency (SVECCS)

  • President: Morgaine Angst (2023)
  • Advisor: Dr. Ryan Smith and Dr. Virginie Wurlod
  • Contact:   
  • The purpose of our organization is to promote student participation and interest in veterinary emergency and critical care medicine. Our members have the opportunity to receive hands-on experience in veterinary urgent care such as CPR, IV catheter placement, and flash ultrasounds. We also provide the opportunity for students to further their education in this field with experienced speakers at our meetings. As Emergency Medicine is currently one of the fastest growing specialties of veterinary medicine, we are making an active effort to further involve students in it and educate them on all the career possibilities in this field.

Dentistry Club

  • President: Andrea Poland (2024)
  • Advisor: Dr. Nancy Welborn and Dr. Curt Ritchie
  • Contact: 
  • Our focus is to raise student awareness on the importance of dental education, hygiene, and the income potential of performing and promoting oral hygienic care with future clients. We hope to accomplish our goal by providing speakers and wet-labs that can stand alone or supplement an essential part of veterinary care for the students at LSU-SVM. Through events like the LSU-SVM Open House, we also educate the general public on the importance of brushing and taking care of their companion animals’ teeth and oral hygiene - both of which can help reduce cardiac, kidney and other diseases within pets and increase their overall lifespan and quality of life.

Diagnostic Imaging (DIC)

  • President: Giselle Doucet (2024)
  • Advisor: Dr. Lorrie Gaschen
  • Contact:   
  • Diagnostic imaging continues to be a very important tool in veterinary medicine. The Diagnostic Imaging Club dives into its many parts including radiology, ultrasonography, computed tomography (CT), and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Members of this club participate in multiple lunch meetings and wet labs using diagnostic imaging tools with both large and small animals. This gives opportunities to not only help them in every year of veterinary school’s curriculum, but also allow students to acquire skills through hands on experience that every veterinarian will practice. Whether students are interested in the veterinary specialty of becoming a radiologist, want an opportunity to work with the board-certified specialists within the university, or just want more exposure in this area of the veterinary field, this club encourages students to take advantage of this opportunity to take a closer look into how diagnostic imaging plays a key role in diagnosing their future patients.


  • Pre-president: Olivia Swiber (2023)
  • Advisor: Dr. Laura Riggs
  • Contact: 
  • The Student Chapter of The American Association of Equine Practitioners at LSU strives to instill a passion for equine medicine in student members and allow them ample opportunities to network with board certified clinicians in the field. Throughout the year, we host multiple lunch meetings and wet labs to provide student members with information and hands on experiences that they may not get in the veterinary curriculum. Our biggest event is Castration Day, sponsored by Operation Gelding, that occurs in the spring. Students get the opportunity to perform surgery, assist, and act as an anesthesiologist, all with the guidance of a veterinarian. Some other topics we cover include: podiatry, dentistry, surgery, internal medicine, sports medicine, and ophthalmology. We also encourage student members to get involved in our chapter organization: the American Association of Equine Practitioners. Becoming a member allows student an opportunity for networking, applying for scholarships, and attending the annual national conference. Equine medicine is our passion and we aspire to establish a passion in future veterinarians as well!

Feline Practitioners (SCAAFP)

  • President: Bailey Clouatre (2023)
  • Advisor: Dr. Pucheu
  • Contact:  
  • Feline Club is a variation of people that like cats and people that hoard cats, ones on the edge of crazy and the crazies, who both, nonetheless, have some passion for felines. Our club focuses on raising the understanding of all cat species, using the knowledge we have of a simple house cat to further our understanding of the creatures and learn beyond the scope to find comparisons between species. As for helping the community, wet labs will guide our members towards the application of contact and communication with clients in the real world, as well as applying feline friendly practices to a normal clinic. Our members are continuously attending spay days and fostering cats to aid in the control of the population of stray animals, finding homes for the animals, and assisting in any way possible to make the world a better place, for feline and friend.

Food Animal

  • President: Hannah Barrileaux (2023)
  • Advisors: Drs. Chance Armstrong, Clare Scully, and Matt Welborn
  • Contact: 
  • Food Animal Medicine club strives to educate students and the public on the importance of production animals (cattle, poultry, small ruminants) and sports animal medicine. We promote the education of a number of areas under the umbrella of food animal medicine including husbandry, hobby, private ownership (pets), and rodeo. As a club we offer wet lab opportunities for members and interested parties to further their hands-on experience in production animals. We also encourage students to become involved with the American Association for Bovine, Small Ruminant, and Swine Practitioners and offer representative positions for each as well as the opportunity to attend annual symposia with these organizations.

Integrative Medicine

  • President: Meagan Leathem (2023)
  • Advisor: Dr. Lorrie Hale-Mitchell
  • Contact:
  • The Integrative Medicine Club seeks to promote the holistic approach to veterinary medicine with a focus on overall animal wellness and natural medicine using evidenced-based medicine.

Internal Medicine

International Veterinary Students’ Association (IVSA)

  • President: Giselle Doucet (2024)
  • Advisor: Dr. Ingeborg Langohr
  • Contact: 
  • IVSA is the largest veterinary student association in the world. The fundamental mission of IVSA is “to benefit the animals and people of the world by harnessing the potential and dedication of veterinary students to promote the international application of veterinary skills, education and knowledge.” Although a new and rising club at LSU, we are dedicated to exposing students to the global scale and impact of veterinary medicine right here at the LSU SVM. We have officers in positions including "veterinary and human outreach" and "language education" and are looking to expand as the club grows. With focuses on animal welfare, veterinary education, student wellness, and one health, we hope to provide valuable insight and opportunities for students to not only learn, but impact and educate their community regardless of what field of veterinary medicine they choose to pursue. We are currently in the works of planning a zoonotic wet lab, arranging a language education program for future veterinarians, and much much more! 

Lab Animal (SCASLAP)

  • President: Allison Belle (2024)
  • Advisor: Dr. David Baker
  • Contact:   
  • The goal of the LSU Student Chapter of the American Society of Laboratory Animal Practitioners is to foster educational activities in the veterinary specialty of Laboratory Animal Medicine and to familiarize the members with standards and regulations pertaining to this discipline.

Latinx VMA


  • President: Kevin Loo (2023)
  • Advisor: Dr. Andrew Lewin
  • Contact: 


  • President: Megan Lowery (2023)
  • Advisor: Dr. Shannon Dehghanpir
  • Contact: 
  • We aim to increase awareness about the different career opportunities in veterinary pathology, both anatomic and clinical, and to generate more interest in this discipline through regular lunch meetings and wet labs.

Shelter Medicine

  • President: Hannah Hegwood (2023)
  • Advisor: Dr. Wendy Wolfson
  • Contact:  
  • The Shelter Medicine Club is a student chapter of the Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association (HSVMA) and provides a forum for veterinary students to learn about what it means to be a shelter veterinarian and about current issues facing shelter animals, as well as promote humane education and participate in service opportunities.


  • President: Evan Spangler (2023)
  • Vice President: Emily Zamora (2024)
  • Secretary: Victoria Topham (2024)
  • Treasurer: Michelle Bourguignon (2024)
  • Historian: Sydney Hall (2023)
  • Wet Lab Coordinator: Elizabeth Benton-Levith (2023)
  • Wet Lab Coordinator: Lindsey Foto (2023)
  • Fundraising Chair: Morgan Pearson (2023)
  • Contact: 
  • Advisor: Dr. Chuck McCauley
  • The purpose of the Surgery Club is to foster educational activities in the veterinary specialty of Surgery and to familiarize the members with standards and regulations pertaining to this discipline.”


  • President: Katie Miley (2022)
  • Advisors: Drs. Chance Armstrong, Clare Scully, and Jenny Sones
  • Contact:
  • The Society for Theriogenology Student Chapter at LSU strives to instill a passion for reproduction in animals in student members and allow them ample opportunities to network with board certified clinicians in the field. Throughout the year, we host multiple lunch meetings and wet labs to provide student members with information and hands on experiences that they may not get in the veterinary curriculum. These topics include but are not limited to: rectal palpation, breeding soundness examinations, obstetrics and fetotomy, and artificial insemination. We also encourage student members to get involved in organizations such as the Society for Theriogenology, the American College of Theriogenologists, and the Theriogenology Foundation. We offer students the opportunity to travel to annual conferences and participate in lectures, wet labs, and quiz bowl and t-shirt competitions. Theriogenology is our passion and we aspire to establish a passion in future veterinarians as well!


  • President: Rachel Dufour (2024)
  • Advisor: Donnie Watkins
  • Contact:  
  • VOICE (Veterinarians as One Inclusive Community for Empowerment) celebrates multiculturalism within the profession of veterinary medicine and works to promote the importance of cross-cultural awareness in order to meet the needs of our diversifying clientele. VOICE Club works to encourage and increase cultural competence among veterinary students and strives to enhance diversity and inclusivity within the profession. With our new BSVSA (Broad Spectrum Veterinary Student Association) representative position, we aim to connect, support, and empower LGBTQ+ people and allies within the academic veterinary community. 


  • President: Katelyn Setzer (2023)
  • Advisors: Dr. Mark Mitchell, Dr. Javier Nevarez and Dr. Thomas Tully
  • Contact: 
  • WAZEM Club strives to educate students in working with companion exotics, wildlife and in zoological institutions. The club provides hands-on experience and lectures from various professionals working in these fields. We have worked with organizations such as the Audubon Species Survival Center, the Wildlife Hospital of Louisiana and the Avian & Exotic Animal Hospital of Louisiana in New Orleans. We hope to encourage enthusiasm and learning in these fields of veterinary medicine at the LSU SVM.