Xue Wen

Xue Wen

Instructor of Statistics

Department of Pathobiological Sciences

LSU School of Veterinary Medicine
Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, LA 70803



PhD, Louisiana State University

M.Ap.Stat., Louisiana State University

MEd, Louisiana State University

BA, Sichuan University (China)

Research Interest

My research interests focus on research methodology, synthesis, quantitative predictive models, machine learning, and deep learning.

Teaching Interest

My teaching interests focus on research methods, applied statistics, experimental designs, and big data analytics.

Select Publications

Choudharya, I., Voa, T., Paudela, K., Guptab, R., Wen, X., Kesimerb, M., Patiala, S., Saini, Y. (2021). Vesicular and extravesicular protein analyses from the airspaces of ozone-exposed mice revealed signatures associated with mucoinflammatory lung disease. Scientific Reports.

Chowdhury, S. I., Pannhorst, K., Sangewar, N., Pavulraj, S., Wen, X., Stout, R. W., ... & Paulsen, D. B. (2021). BoHV-1-Vectored BVDV-2 Subunit Vaccine Induces BVDV Cross-Reactive Cellular Immune Responses and Protects against BVDV-2 Challenge. Vaccine, 9(1), 46.

Wen, X. & Wang, X. (2019). Data visualization in online education research. In E. Kennedy & Y. Qian (Eds.), Advancing educational research with emerging technology. IGI Global 

Wen, X. & Kennedy, E. (2016). Utilizing technology for learning STEM subjects: Perceptions of urban African-American middle school students. INQUIRIES Journal, 8(2), 1-3.

Grant Funding

Center for Pre-Clinical Disease Research , National Institutes of Health  $11,192,691.00

Center for Lung Biology and Disease National Institutes of Health $11.5 million

Molecular basis for the loss of differentiation capability in human bone marrow stem cells during expansion , National Institutes of Health, $350,812.00

Comparison of Intra- and Inter-Observer Variability for Measuring Femoral Varus Using Radiography and Computed Tomography in the dog, LSU School of Veterinary Medicine Summer Scholars Program, $6,330.00

Precision, Variability and Accuracy of Current Methods of Measuring Femoral Torsion Angle Using Radiographs and Computed Tomography, School of Veterinary Medicine Competitive Research Program Grant, LSU, $9,925.00