David G. Baker

David G. Baker

Professor and Director, Division of Laboratory Animal Medicine

Department of Pathobiological Sciences

LSU School of Veterinary Medicine
Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, LA 70803



MPA, Louisiana State University

PhD, University of California, Davis

DVM, University of California, Davis

MS, University of California, Davis

BS, University of California, Davis

AS, Cypress Community College

Research Interest

Econometrics, parasitic diseases

Teaching Interest

Laboratory animal medicine, parasitology, business and finance

Clinical Interest

Laboratory animal medicine

Awards & Honors

2021, Zoetis Distinguished Veterinary Teacher of the Year Award

2021, LSU School of Veterinary Medicine Teaching Award (Class of 2023)

2021, Dean's Teacher Merit Honor Role

2019, Dean's Teacher Merit Honor Role

2017, Ralph C. Cooper Veterinarian of the Year Award, Louisiana Veterinary Medical Association

2016, Joseph J. Garvey Management Award, American Association for Laboratory Animal Science

2015, Dean's Teacher Merit Honor Role

2014, Dean's Teacher Merit Honor Role

2013, Southeastern Conference Academic Consortium Academic Leadership Development 
Program (SECAC ALDP). 2012-2013. One of four LSU faculty members selected for a year-long training program designed to develop upper-level university administrators.

2013, Dean's Teacher Merit Honor Role


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