Branding Guidelines and Templates

Any publication, poster, or website, and all merchandise using the LSU logo must go through an approval process. Please send all material to Ginger Guttner at or contact Ginger at 225-578-9922 if you have questions. The approval process for merchandise and small publications like postcards or fliers takes one to two days. For longer publications such as magazines, the approval process can take up to five days. Please consider this when designing your materials.


The LSU SVM has an approved SVM identifier), as well as approved fonts and colors. The LSU SVM uses fonts Proxima Nova and ITC Caslon. For information on the approved colors and to get versions of the approved logo that can be used in publications and on marketing materials, please contact Ginger Guttner at or 225-578-9922.


View instructions on how to create a poster and have it printed.