Staff Committee

Staff Committee Members

Outstanding Service Award: Kate Jackson, VTH

Administrative Support Award: Brad Zimmerman, Business Office

Operations Management Award: Marlana Roundtree, VTH

Research Support Award: Chin-Chi "Kitty" Liu, VCS

Technical Support Award: Marnie LeJeune, VTH

Security Representative: Lt. LaShawn Lewis

Ex-officio Members: Tracy Evans, Development; and Ginger Guttner, Communications

Staff Committee Purpose and Mission

Per the 2025 Strategic Plan

A staff committee will be formed that represents and presents staff issues to the administration. The committee will be elected by staff members and will represent clinical, research,
administrative and facilities.


Serves as liaison between staff as a whole and administration to address issues related specifically to staff including morale, professional development, resources
available to staff, on-boarding, facilities etc. The first committee/council will develop the committee’s purpose and operating procedures.

Committee Composition, Size and Selection

Although selection is by vote of the staff, winners of the annual outstanding staff awards should be considered to stand for election
to this committee. Members could overlap by two-three months to transition responsibilities to the new team/winners. Such staff members were already selected by their peers, are
representative of different areas including research, clinical, operations, and administration, and are considered to be outstanding performers (and well liked) in their areas. The head of security would be a sixth member. A member of the administrative staff will serve as an ex-officio member to advise, guide and take notes. This person could alternate between Director of Development, representatives from Strategic Communications, or the Dean’s administrative assistant, but should be decided by the committee.

1. Goal: Increase Engagement with School Administration

  1. Organize with help from the Dean a quarterly series of meetings with staff in town hall format, to share good news from their respective areas and ask questions or express points of concern to the Dean. The first meeting of the Committee should be to define the goals and format of future meetings.
  2. The town hall meetings will be run by the staff committee and lunch will be provided by the Dean’s office.

2. Goal: Ensure staff have adequate personnel and Equipment to perform their assigned tasks:

  1. The staff committee will audit personnel per unit and equipment within the unit, department or hospital service every other year, starting in 2018.
  2. The audit report will be provided to the Dean who will share the report with the appropriate associate deans and department heads. These administrators will assess the needs and work towards providing resources to alleviate any deficiencies that impede progress.

3. Goal: Improve Staff Onboarding:

After learning what HR provides in orientation programs, each department and VTH will prepare a second orientation emphasizing details important to success within the particular unit. Details of the orientation program will be written to enhance uniformity. The orientation program should include the following:

  1. Introduce new hire
  2. Announce new hire
  3. Specific duties related to their position
  4. Make sure office, lab, etc. is equipped when new hire arrives (computer, phone, office supplies, lab supplies, email, etc.)
  5. Tour of the department as well as major SVM areas (e.g., cafeteria, bathrooms, hospital)
  6. Benefits of working at LSU and SVM (LSU Lagniappe info from LSU HR website, hospital discount for SVM employees, core facilities, etc.)
  7. A follow-up orientation will occur three months after the initial hire and this should include a brief survey of the orientation process, so that the new staff member can provide feedback on their first three-month experience, and to improve future onboarding efforts.

4. Goal: Engage Staff in the SVM Decision-making Process

When faculty or the administration form a committee, they should include a staff representative when appropriate. Standing administrative committees for which staff representation is important include the building committee, space committee and strategic planning committee. (1 year or as new committees are formed).

5. Goal: Provide opportunities for Professional Development of Staff

  1. Supervisors should provide and be accountable for the professional development action items being listed on staff evaluations
  2. Supervisors, HR and the staff committee should explore cost-efficient professional development opportunities on main campus or in Baton Rouge for staff (e.g., Excel, PowerPoint, lab protocols, hospital training, etc.).

6. Goal: Improve staff communication to faculty and administration.

The Staff Committee should ask staff for suggestions about the best ways for staff to report issues and problems and receive follow-up. The staff committee will represent these concerns to the Dean and/or department head whichever is appropriate.