When you place a order on the Workday

  1. Place your order
  2. After making your order, you will see an address: Thomas Boyd address. This address needs to be changed:
  3. Click on the .___ next to the address.
  4. Then click on Address by location Hierarchy
  5. Then go to Veterinary Medicine. Look under Veterinary Medicine to find your department (click your department). 

Example: If you work in CBS, then scroll down look for the address for CBS. If you work for PBS, then scroll down for the address for PBS. We are delivering packages to the Main Office of each department CBS, PBS, Genelab, etc.... and using the  office room number for deliveries to the departments.


  • CBS Room #  2510
  • PBS Room#  3313
  • HDC Room # 3317
  • VTH Room # 1909
  • Genelab Room # 3312
  • VCS Room # 2307
  • FPC Room # 1909
  • MC/CS Room # 2104
  • Library Room # 1117
  • Dean's Office Room # 1102
  • Student Affairs Room # 1213
  • DLAM Room # 1502
  • LADDL: You will be under LA diagnostic for  LADDL address


When you are making website or on the phone with vendor, please let them know that the address has changed. When placing a order please use the format shown

LSU School of Vet Med.

Att: Chowdhury-PBS

Skip Bertman Drive Room 3313

Baton Rouge, La 70803


LSU School of Vet Med

Att: Susie Brown-CBS

Skip Bertman Drive Room 2510

Baton Rouge, La 70803LSU


Please do not use your lab or office number when placing your orders. We are using you main office to your department. If you have any question, please contact Marlana Roundtree at