Room Scheduler and Events

Schedule a Room

Make a Room Reservation

You must reserve a room in order to use it. Please do not hold a meeting in a conference or meeting room just because it is vacant at the time of your meeting.

You are be able to view what rooms are available to help facilitate meetings and make room reservations. An added feature includes a text alert 30 minutes prior to your room reservation, so you can confirm that you will be using the room, or cancel the reservation at that time so it becomes immediately available for another person/group.  

Room Reservation Policies


Students are only allowed to reserve conference rooms, classrooms, and library meeting rooms from 12 p.m.-1 p.m. and after 5 p.m. without approval.   

Students can make a personal reservation only 14 days in advance and cannot reserve a room for longer than 2 hours without Student Affairs Approval.

Club meetings can be scheduled 2 months in advance.

Faculty and Staff

You can only reserve a room for 2 hours. Any reservations for longer than that will require approval from the Office of Student Affairs. Reservations can only be made 6 months in advance and recurring meetings for longer than 6 months would require approval.  


LSU is still operating under some COVID restrictions, so rooms are at 50 percent capacity until further notice.

Add Event to Calendar

If your room reservation is an LSU or SVM event, it must also be submitted to the events calendar by selecting the option to add an event to the calendar when you reserve a room or by emailing Alexa Boudreaux, Communications Coordinator, at

Event Policies