Brandon Common

Interim Vice President for Student Affairs and Associate Vice President & Dean of Students

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I remember helping my sister move into her freshman residence hall at the University of Missouri. That's the moment I fell in love with the idea of college.

I love the rituals of higher education like welcome week and homecoming. I love going to campus programs, lectures, and sporting events that facilitate learning and define the culture of higher education. I love the diversity of people, ideas, and perspectives on college campuses. I love the fact that higher education for many is a vehicle for upward mobility.

I dislike that everyone does not have access to all facets of higher education (i.e., entry, resources to help with persistence, etc.) and this is the impetus for why I do this work. I do this work so that I can help students thrive during their collegiate careers, by strategically and intentionally removing barriers to their success. 



I know and believe in what colleges and universities can do at their best; positively change the lives of students and society.

The most influential person in my life

Growing up, my mother instilled in me the importance of education, gave me a strong work ethic, and taught me how to give grace to other people. 


The Souls of Black Folks (W.E.B. Du Boius)
A Promised Land (Barack Obama)
Between the World and Me (Ta- Nehisi Coates)

Advice I don't leave home without

Success is not owned it's leased, and rent is due every day. 


PhD, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 
MEd, Ohio University 
BS, University of Missouri

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