Outcomes | LSU Strategic Plan 2025


This strategic plan focuses on providing solutions to global issues that we in Louisiana and the region not only face, but are uniquely positioned to solve. Louisiana State University’s pursuit of these challenges will have measurable social, economic and environmental impact. Specifically, the university has identified seven outcomes representative of the social return on investment that will occur through implementation of this plan.

Outcome Number 1

People and organizations will choose to live and work in Louisiana because of the quality and quantity of LSU’s highly educated graduates.

Outcome Number 2

Louisiana will earn a reputation as an exemplar for scientific discovery.

Outcome Number 3

Louisiana will be the premier destination for both living and leisure through the advancement, promotion, and celebration of Louisiana’s unique arts, culture, and humanities.

Outcome Number 4

Louisiana will advance its position as the undisputed leader in research and practice on coastal preservation and restoration.

Outcome Number 5

Louisiana will be one of the top five states in the country conducting applied research in advanced chemical processing, energy, materials, and manufacturing.

Outcome Number 6

Louisiana will be the role model for improving the world’s health outcomes, where Louisiana citizens will see a 20 percent reduction in chronic diseases in the next 20 years.

Outcome Number 7

Louisiana will rank among the top 20 states with regard to high school graduation rates and percentage of students who attend college through innovative university/K-12 partnerships.