Transforming Education | LSU Strategic Plan 2025

Our Strategic Challenges

LSU will provide positively influence education in Louisiana and promote a culture of lifelong learning.

Transforming Education

As a lifelong educational partner, LSU will be a global leader in the positive transformation of education from cradle to career and beyond.

Improve Pre-K- and K-12 Education

LSU will proactively impact the educational journey of Louisiana’s pre-K and K-12 student populations. From educating and training those who will teach Louisiana’s students of all ages, to providing the Early Childhood Education Laboratory Preschool and the University Laboratory School for children and parents in the Baton Rouge community, LSU is significantly improving the education of the state’s youngest citizens.

Advance Higher Education

LSU will provide relevant, transformative, and innovative education at the undergraduate and graduate levels, both in the traditional classroom setting and in the online platform. Modern higher education must include leadership development, career readiness, and experiential learning, along with the traditional learning and teaching strategies of the past. In particular, LSU is vastly expanding its offerings in its online programs in order to better meet the needs of its students and the changing times in which we live.

Enhance Continuing Education

LSU will further develop and enhance its commitment to providing lifelong learning by broadening the availability of all types of educational opportunities. From pre-college programs to certificate programs, and from professional development courses to noncredit community enrichment opportunities, LSU will be the state’s leader in helping citizens continue learning and growing throughout their lives.

Access to quality education has historically been a challenge for Americans with limited financial means, as well as minority populations. Unfortunately, Louisiana ranks as one of the least educated states, and the K-12 public education systems are often ranked near the bottom of national lists.

LSU conducts outreach to K-12 educators and provides student mentorships in local school districts in efforts to expand college readiness and offer best practices based on current research and scholarship. Events like Ocean Commotion, Ag Magic, and Sixth Grade Day give K-12 students the opportunity to visit campus for hands-on educational activities and to develop an early interest in higher education.