Fostering Research and Catalyzing Economic Development | LSU Strategic Plan 2025

Our Strategic Challenges

LSU will create the necessary environment for its researchers and relevant partners to positively contribute to the 21st century innovation economy.

Fostering Research and Catalyzing Economic Development 

LSU will encourage, support, and develop research and educational pursuits to work with all relevant partners to drive economic activity and wealth creation locally, nationally, and globally.

Grow Interdisciplinary Research

LSU will foster transformational fundamental science and grow interdisciplinary research prioritizing current and emerging focal areas.

Catalyze the Innovation Cycle

LSU will develop a strong culture of invention and discovery by supporting, incentivizing, and showcasing technology commercialization and university-industry interaction.

Translate Innovation into Wealth Creation

LSU will translate innovation into wealth creation by supporting researchers, students, and other entrepreneurs; leveraging university and regional assets; and connecting researchers, students, and other entrepreneurs to industry, alumni, and capital resources.

Now more than ever, evolving global challenges demand inspired approaches and bold partnership between industry and education, as well as a multidisciplinary approach to research and problem solving.

LSU provides discovery with results, contributing $5.1 billion in annual economic impact on the state and ranking among the top 100 universities, worldwide, granted U.S. utility patents. Access to clean water, development of sustainable energy, eradication of disease, protection of coastal regions and endangered species—solutions to the world’s most pressing issues are found in our research facilities.