Bridging the Coast, Energy, and Environment | LSU Strategic Plan 2025

Our Strategic Challenges

LSU will be the world’s premier leader in integrative energy environmental studies that build on its coastal location.

Bridging the coast, energy and environment

LSU will be a collaborative nexus of people and ideas to advance knowledge and provide cutting-edge interdisciplinary education for our students in the areas of coast, energy, and natural resources, while also demonstrating to the world the important work performed in these fields.

Solidify LSU as a Leader in Coastal Knowledge

LSU will solidify its place as a global leader in transformative coastal and deltaic research, education, and engagement by strategically investing in its intellectual capacity in groundbreaking coastal research, observation, modeling, and forecasting. LSU will demonstrate its ability to adapt to a changing coastal and social environment and increase stewardship of coastal, natural, and living resources in support of societal values.

Expand Energy Expertise and Resources

LSU will enhance its pursuit of energy law, policy, and economics; build and extend our global partnerships as a driver of the world economy; and actively pursue technological advances on how humans produce, conserve, and use energy, while seeking ways to address environmental opportunities and challenges.

Maximize Resources to Impact Environmental, Energy, and Economic Security

LSU will maximize existing resources and empower environmental and energy experts to address complex societal issues and respond to environmental challenges that affect Louisiana and the world, while also expanding economic opportunity to all citizens.

Louisiana is home to the most diverse wetland ecosystems in the country, yet every hour, our coastal land loss is equivalent to a football field. As one of the nation’s the top 10 states in crude oil production and one of the top five natural gas-producing states in the country, we also have a strong energy sector. Nearly half of the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve is housed in Louisiana.

LSU harnesses our power as a flagship research institution to deliver breakthroughs that balance coastal and ecological restoration with energy production and efficiency, to combat the problem of coastal erosion while ensuring our nation has the energy it needs to thrive.