Apply for Admission

The College of Science (CoS) offers seven major fields of study: biochemistry, biological sciences, chemistry, geology, mathematics, microbiology and physics. Students also study pre-health professional tracks: pre-medical, pre-dental, pre-podiatry, and pre-optometry. Before completing the online application below you are encouraged to review the following FAQ's: 

Students who contemplate entering this college should give special attention to the mathematics and science courses they select and should consult a representative of the department they plan to enter prior to completing their initial registration. Students will be admitted to the college when they: 

  • have earned 24 or more semester hours of credit in courses numbered 1000 or above;
  • have maintained a grade point average of at least 2.00 on both LSU and cumulative averages;
  • have passed all courses in mathematics and science with grades of “C-” or better or received special approval of the dean of the college;
  • have passed ENGL 1001 or the equivalent with a grade of “C-” or better;
  • have earned credit in either MATH 1022, MATH 1023, MATH 1550 or MATH 1551 with a grade of “C-” or better.
  • entry into any of the three majors (biochemistry, biological sciences, and microbiology) in the Department of Biological Sciences requires earned credit in BIOL 1201 and BIOL 1202; CHEM 1201; and MATH 1550.
  • entry into any of the four secondary education concentrations (biological sciences, chemistry, mathematics, or physics) requires a 2.50 LSU and cumulative GPA and passing scores on the Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators (PRAXIS CORE) or minimum ACT composite of 22 or minimum SAT composite of 1030.

CoS admission applications are to be completed by LSU students wishing to transfer from another senior college at LSU to the CoS.  Students in UCFY who meet all CoS admission requirements will automatically enter the CoS without completing this application.

Students may complete the online application below at any time. 

Completed applications will ONLY be processed between semesters: once final grades have posted through the last day to add courses for the term a student is requesting admission.  Admitted students will receive a confirmation email.

Students may declare a double major (one degree with two majors) or dual degree (earning two separate degrees).  Note your additional major on the “Declaring additional major: (keeping current major) on the application question.  You will have the opportunity to select if you are pursuing a double major or dual degree. 

Students may pursue two majors, or degrees, within the same senior college or they can be in two separate senior colleges.   If the two programs are in different colleges, then the student must be accepted for admission to both colleges and must adhere to the regulations of both colleges. The student must declare a home college, where registration will be initiated and permanent files maintained, and must maintain contact with the second college to ensure that satisfactory progress is being made toward the requirements of its degree program.

Students transferring from another institution must meet university transfer admission requirements. Transfer students must also meet the current admission requirements of the senior college and receive approval of the dean of the college.

Students who, after initial enrollment in this college, wish to obtain credits from colleges or universities other than LSU and who plan to offer such credits toward their degree requirements must obtain prior approval from the dean on a specific-course basis.

*Non-matriculating students are not eligible to complete the application and must contact the Office of Enrollment Management ( to request an update to their status.