Why GeauxTeach? student conducting experiment

  • Two or more career opportunities with one degree-- in an unpredictable economy, having a second career option isn’t a bad idea. 
  • Teacher certification is seen as a plus when applying to medical or graduate school. Also, if you don’t get into graduate school immediately, you can earn up to $47,000 annually teaching in Baton Rouge area schools until you are admitted.
  • GeauxTeach offers you a supportive community which includes master teachers, tutors, an active student organization, special events and access to internships and scholarships dedicated to GeauxTeach students.  The faculty and staff strive to support GT students in ways that ensure they get the most out of their education experience at LSU.
  • You’ll have experiences at LSU that will either convince you to pursue your current major and career plan or point you in a different direction. Either way, it’s a good idea to consider more than just one possibility at a time. That’s the whole idea behind GeauxTeach.
  • This concentration offers a unique skill set. Being able to talk about and teach your content will increase your depth of understanding. Knowledge of different learning/teaching styles will make you a better communicator and leader in any group situation.
  • Whether you teach, pursue a career with your content degree, or continue with professional or graduate school, you will be more marketable and better prepared for the challenges you face.
  • All GeauxTeach field experience courses are certified Communication across the Curriculum courses. Communication across the Curriculum (CxC) is the first program of its kind in the nation. CxC works with LSU faculty to train, guide and recognize students who demonstrate exceptional communication skills. CxC is focused on enhancing learning experiences for students and improving their written, spoken, visual presentation and technological communication skills within the disciplines.
  • There is a desperate shortage of qualified math and science teachers in Louisiana and across the country. Take the opportunity to encourage more young people to succeed in math and science by exploring the variety of science and math teaching opportunities that will be available to you.



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