Biology Intensive Orientation for Students (BIOS) Science Boot Camps


BIOS is a focused academic orientation program designed for incoming College of Science majors. This science boot camp helps students transition to college expectations before the fall semester.

Program participants will:

  • Develop essential study skills.
  • Gain an early understanding of course content.
  • Receive an electronic copy of the introductory biology textbook.
  • Meet other highly motivated students in the College of Science.
  • Connect with faculty, graduate students, and university staff.

For over 15 years, more than 4,000 BIOS participants have consistently surpassed their peers in introductory courses, retention within their major, and graduation rates. BIOS is an optional Choose Your Adventure event held during Welcome Week before the start of each fall semester. BIOS lasts all day Thursday through Sunday of Welcome Week. Attendance for all events on all four days is required for BIOS participation. Pre-registration is essential, and participation is limited to College of Science students.

Details and Registration

Frequently Asked Questions

Bookmark the LSU Welcome Week website and revisit it in June 2024 for registration details.


BIOS presentation chosen to highlight the Annual National Symposium on Student Retention. Read the White Paper.

front cover of NSSR BIOS paper


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