June 1 Return to Campus

Thursday, April 29; 11:00 a.m.

Dear Faculty and Staff,

Since the COVID-19 vaccine is now readily available, and cases of the virus continue to decline both nationally and in Louisiana, our goal is to operate in-person this fall. In anticipation of that, we are asking each campus unit to be staffed in-person beginning June 1.

We know that many of you are still working remotely, and that returning to campus full-time requires some advance notice and planning. Department heads should be planning now for how their unit will be staffed as of June 1. As a reminder, LSU now has a remote work policy, which can be utilized by department heads to make arrangements for their individual units. In accordance with the policy, any arrangements to work remotely must be approved by an employee’s supervisor and unit head.

Louisiana’s COVID-19 Proclamation has recently been amended. The updated proclamation states, “All postsecondary educational institutions in the state of Louisiana shall continue to require all students, employees, and visitors to wear a face covering over the nose and mouth.” Consequently, LSU will continue to require masks on campus. The only exceptions to the requirement are for people who are outdoors and 6 feet apart, and outdoor sporting events that people may choose to attend.

If you have not yet been vaccinated, we urge you to do so as soon as possible. As we move toward a more normal fall, the vaccine is the single most effective way to protect yourself against COVID and to help keep LSU and our state moving in the right direction.

Once you’ve been vaccinated, please let us know at by completing the COVID-19 vaccination survey.

Tom Galligan
LSU Interim President and Professor of Law

Stacia Haynie
LSU Executive Vice President & Provost
J.W. Annison, Jr. Alumni Professor

Donna Torres
Interim Executive Vice President & CFO