First Day of Class COVID-19 Safety Reminders and Preparation

Friday, August 21, 2020; 6:35 p.m.

As we embark on the semester ahead of us, it’s important that each of us follows certain guidelines implemented to secure everyone’s safety and success this fall. Before class begins Monday, please take a moment to review the following critical items.

  • Please complete your Return to Campus Form if you haven’t already, regardless of whether you’ll physically be on campus or not.
  • The TIGER Check system begins Monday, which includes Daily Symptom Checks. Each morning, log in to your LSU email account for an email from Qualtrics directing you to complete the Daily Symptom Check, which is vital in helping us monitor the potential spread of COVID-19 on campus. You will be asked questions like: Have you been tested for COVID-19? Do you have mild or severe symptoms? The symptom checker will provide feedback based on your responses. Please check your junk mail if you don’t see this email. Your first Daily Symptom Check will offer the option to receive following checks via text message. For a more detailed breakdown of the Daily Symptom Check, visit Download Tiger Check Guidelines.
  • If you know you have had close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 within the past 14 days, you are required to report it to Close contact is defined as being within 6 feet of someone for more than 15 minutes who has tested positive.
  • Take the pledge to do your part to protect our community during these unprecedented times.
  • Wear a mask on campus in all public spaces. Even if you are outside—if you are in close proximity to others—you should wear a mask. Masks should cover your mouth and nose and should not be removed when you’re speaking to others. According to CDC guidelines, masks should be cleaned every day, either in the washing machine or hand-washed with a solution of bleach and water. Students and employees will each be given one LSU-branded mask. Pick-up dates and times for student masks are listed on LSU’s Roadmap to Fall website. Faculty and staff should contact their department head or supervisor for information about how to obtain their masks.
  • COVID-19 testing is available on campus at a number of different times and locations. Visit edu/roadmap for details. LSU students can always contact the Student Health Center if they have symptoms of COVID-19, where testing is also available if recommended by a clinician.
  • Take the Roadmap to Fall Moodle Course as soon as possible to help navigate your LSU experience this semester in a safe and informed way. The course provides an engaging learning path through the extensive information available about COVID-19. It can be found under “My Courses” in Moodle.
  • Consider opting in to the voluntary LSU Public Health Monitoring Initiative if you receive an invitation through your official LSU email to help us gain a better overall understanding of coronavirus and COVID-19 to make informed decisions about our campus.

Beginning Monday, you may also see additional security hired by LSU to help keep campus safe and to remind us all to wear masks and follow COVID-19 protocols while on campus. We know that this is a lot of information to process and put into practice with your other responsibilities, but these are necessary steps to protect our community and our futures. Please continue to visit for ongoing updates related to coronavirus, for information about coronavirus protocols and testing, and for more detailed information about any of the aforementioned items. Let’s all have an excellent first day of classes, and Geaux Tigers!

Tom Galligan
Interim President & Professor of Law

Stacia Haynie
Executive Vice President & Provost

Dan Layzell
Executive Vice President for Finance & Administration and CFO