Residential Life & Education Graduate Assistantships 

Graduate Residence Coordinators

A Graduate Residence Coordinator (GRC) is a live-in graduate student staff member in the Department of Residential Life in the Residential Life & Education area who is responsible for the co-administration of a living community.  Under the supervision of a full time Residence Coordinator, a GRC serves as a support in all aspects of building management including student staff supervision, administrative management, and community development. 

  • Provided a furnished apartment in the community where you work
  • Receive a partial meal plan to eat with residents
  •  Preference is given to Master’s students enrolled in the Higher Education Administration program. However, students in all programs are welcome to apply but must keep in mind the job expectations and availability needed for the position. Some graduate programs’ lab requirements may not be conducive to the responsibilities of the GRC position. Additionally, we are unable to sponsor an assistantship for graduate students enrolled in LSU Online programs.
  • For any questions about the position and/or process, please email us at

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Application Process

To apply, please complete the online application by February 14, 2022 for priority consideration. 


Mid-December 2021 – Online application opens for submissions

January 2022 – Review of applications begins

February 2022 – Interviews Begin

March 2021 – On-campus visits take place

Candidates may interview in one of two ways:

  1. Zoom Interview – interviews will be scheduled on a rolling basis starting February 9th and as needed following application review. Select candidates will be invited to attend either a virtual on-campus visit to meet with additional staff OR attend an in-person on-campus visit from March 10-12, 2022.
  2. LSU Student Affairs Visiting Days – the Division of Student Affairs hosts an on-campus interview day for students who are interested in attending LSU’s Higher Education Administration graduate program. This year’s dates are March 11-13, 2022. 

Spring 2022 – Offers made
LSU Residential Life will begin making offers for assistantships in the spring semester. If you have not been admitted to a graduate program by the offer date, then your offer will be pending acceptance into a graduate program at LSU.