Office of Research Engagement 

The mission of the Office of Research Engagement is to identify research and funding opportunities for pre-college, undergraduate and graduate students; seek out proposals and collaboration opportunities for faculty; and work with industry for University engagement.

What does research look like in my discipline?

Click the images below to find out!

Students recording a visual arts project in a subject's home.Mississippi River Model at the LSU Center for River Studies.Dr. Melissa Beck hold an eye tracking device to a student's face as he watches stimuli on a computer monitor.Madelyn Smith (LSU student) holding a net on the bank of a river.

Student looking at a life-size model of an overweight human body.Real Estate Research Group students looking at maps and graphs around a table.Student looking at a twitter feed on a large television screen.AgSchool students on a boat.

Blue guitar with adaptive technology.Arden McMillin posing next to an analog camera that will be used in her research project.