Focus Areas


focus area cloud

The research strategic plan outlines seven focus areas of interdisciplinary research, which are supported through coordinated grant writing and team research development.

Individual Behavior & Community Context
Research on the individual behavioral and cognitive aspects of varied social phenomena such as health, crime, developmental trajectories over the life course, and socioeconomic attainment and how historical and cultural community contexts produce differential outcomes.
Communication & Expression:
The scientific, humanistic and artistic dimensions of the human communicative experience and how they intersect with and augment in novel ways the process of discovery.
Biological, Biotechnology & Biomedical Research:
Important basic and applied problems in specific areas of biology will be addressed by interacting groups in the sciences, engineering, and agriculture as well as those in the humanities and social sciences.
Coastal Sustainability & Environment:
Environmental, social and economic sustainability in coastal landscapes of the Mississippi River and deltaic coasts around the world.
Conventional & Renewable Energy:
Exploration of efficient extraction of conventional energy and renewable energy in a sustainable fashion for various applications.
Materials Science & Manufacturing:
The science and engineering of the fabrication and characterization of advanced materials and their applications in various sectors of our economy and daily life.
Core Computing/High Performance Computing:
Enable breakthroughs in computational science and its applications in various areas in science, engineering, arts and humanities.