Courses & Curricula Charges and Membership


  • To approve or disapprove, after review, proposed additions to, alterations of, and elimination of all courses, curricula, and degree programs submitted by colleges and schools, or referred by the Office of Academic Affairs;

  • to notify the appropriate departments and colleges and the Office of Academic Affairs regarding all decisions reached by the committee and to make recommendations concerning needed clarification, coordination, or study of the implications of proposed changes;

  • to consult, when deemed appropriate, with departments which appear to be affected by proposed changes in courses and curricula; departments may appeal decisions made by the committee; if the appeal is supported by the college curriculum committee, the matter shall be sent directly to the Faculty Senate for final determination and placed on the Agenda of the Faculty Senate for the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Senate; and

  • to conduct on its own initiative continuing studies of courses and curricula, and to make recommendations to departments concerned and to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs concerning changes which appear to be desirable and which appear to require study by specific departments concerned or by special committees appointed for the purpose.


  • Eleven experienced* faculty (no more than two from any college or school);
  • one graduate student;
  • one undergraduate student;
  • chair of the General Education Committee, ex officio.

The Office of Academic Affairs will provide administrative assistance at the request of the committee. 

John Hopkins (Chair) Science 2022
James Ottea Agriculture 2022
Lynne Baggett Art + Design 2022
Gary Sanger Business 2023
Lawrence Rouse Coast and Environment 2024
Robert Rohli Coast and Environment 2024
Ayman Okeil Engineering  
Chao Wang Engineering 2023
Isabelina Nahmens Engineering 2024
Amanda Benson Human Sciences and Education 2022
Catherine Lemieux Human Sciences and Education 2024
Lauren Coats Humanities & Social Sciences  
Leonard Ray Humanities & Social Sciences 2025
Michael Henderson Mass Communications  
Pamela Pike Music and Dramatic Arts  
Lawrence Smolinsky Science 2022
Dottie Vaughn Science 2023
Heidi Banse Veterinary Medicine  
Vacant Graduate Student - Ex-officio    
Vacant Undergraduate Student - Ex-officio    


*“Experienced” is defined as having had one or more years of active participation on a department, school, or college curriculum committee.