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Information Systems & Analytics

You enjoy technology and collaborating across teams to boost business success.

About Information Systems & Analytics

Combining technological prowess with business savvy is a winning combination that opens the door to many lucrative career opportunities. Information systems and analytics professionals enjoy technology and collaborative problem-solving across teams. They are strategic thinkers who play an essential role in defining the future of business. Three concentrations are available to help online students customize their studies. 

Available Concentrations:


The Analytics concentration equips students with the technical tools and conceptual framework to further business success through data-driven thinking. Topics covered include artificial intelligence and data mining with a focus on business applications, multidimensional data, knowledge management, business intelligence, neural networks, and genetic algorithms.

Cyber Risk:

The Cyber Risk concentration teaches students to identify and mitigate threats to an organization’s digital assets. Topics covered include security management, risk assessment, access control, encryption, application security issues, and security and privacy laws.

Digital Services and Consulting:

The Digital Services and Consulting concentration allows students to gain the tools and knowledge needed to provide practical solutions and strategic leadership in the digital economy. Topics covered include structuring and managing the IT function, emerging trends in IT, team-based approaches to offering IT consulting advice, and cloud computing.

Possible Careers

  • Business Analyst
  • Information Systems Integrator
  • Data Scientist
  • Cybersecurity Specialist
  • IT Consultant
  • App Developer

Senior College

E. J. Ourso College of Business


B.S., Bachelor of Science 

Course Load by Subject Area

  • Business & Economics:  High Intensity
  • Communication:  Medium Intensity
  • Technology:  Medium Intensity

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