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Natural Resource Ecology & Management

You want to study our natural resources or help protect endangered species.

About Natural Resource Ecology & Management

This curriculum is diverse with opportunities to study forest management of hardwood and pine forests, wetlands, wildlife, conservation biology, fisheries, aquaculture, habitat management, or prepare for a career as a wildlife-oriented veterinarian. Curricula emphasizes field instruction. Unique facilities available through this curriculum include the School of Renewable Natural Resources’ Lee Memorial Forest, an actively managed forest, which has accommodations and teaching facilities so that you can get hands-on experience in the field.

Concentrations Available:

  • Conservation Biology*: Help conserve rare, uncommon, threatened, or endangered species and learn about habitat manipulations and genetic approaches to enhancing these species.
  • Ecological Restoration*: Use the principles of forestry and natural resource management to conserve and restore impacted landscapes.
  • Fisheries and Aquaculture: Learn to manage, conserve, and enhance populations of aquatic organisms in the wild or through the use of aquaculture. Commercial aspects of fisheries and aquaculture will also be explored.
  • Forest Enterprise^: Learn about the business aspects of forestry and wood products. Forestry is the largest agricultural sector in Louisiana, and forest products and enterprises contribute greatly to local, state, and national economies.
  • Forest Resource Management^: Prepare for the diverse challenges of managing forested landscapes for various sustainable uses. This area of concentration is specifically designed to assist you in becoming a Certified Forester.
  • Pre-veterinary Medicine—Wildlife and Fisheries: Through a partnership with the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine, students majoring in animal, dairy, and poultry sciences or natural resource ecology and management have the opportunity to participate in the 3+1 program. This allows you to use your first year of veterinary school credits toward your final year in the College of Agriculture, giving you the opportunity to earn both a BS and DVM degree in seven years.
  • Wetland Science*: Choose this concentration if you would like to specialize in wetlands, which are valued as wildlife and fish habitat, for maintaining water quality, and for economic benefits.
  • Wildlife Ecology: With this concentration, you will study a broader range of wildlife than other specializations, including recreationally and culturally important game species and ecologically important non-game species. Most students in this area intend to pursue advanced degrees.
  • Wildlife Habitat Conservation and Management^: Learn how to manage habitats to promote wildlife. You may take one of two paths: one focuses on wetland wildlife habitat, while the other offers greater experience with forest management, including an eight-week forestry camp off campus at Lee Memorial Forest.

* Accredited under the Society of American Forester’s Natural Resources and Ecosystem Management Program
^ Accredited under the Society of American Forester’s General Forestry Program

Possible Careers

  • Aquaculture specialist 
  • Conservation biologist 
  • Forester
  • Forestry consultant
  • Wildlife and fisheries ecologist 
  • Wildlife and fisheries veterinarian 
  • Wildlife law enforcement officer

Program Requirements

Once you're an LSU student, you'll need to meet the requirements below to continue pursuing this major.

  • 2.0 GPA in all coursework (2.5 GPA for transfer)
  • 2.0 cumulative GPA in courses toward degree requirements
  • grade of "C" or better in ENGL 1001 and MATH 1021 or higher

Senior College

College of Agriculture


B.S., Bachelor of Science 

Course Load by Subject Area

  • Agriculture: High Intensity
  • Science: High Intensity
  • Communication: Medium Intensity
  • Electives: Medium Intensity
  • History & Law: Medium Intensity
  • Math: Medium Intensity
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