Southeast Executives-On-Roster (XOR) 

Southeast XOR is a collaboration between regionally-partnered Southeast universities to broaden access to experienced entrepreneurial talent and facilitate matching of that talent to university-affiliated startups in need of executive management.

By combining the entrepreneur talent networks of all participating universities, our faculty startup companies can access a larger talent pool and have a greater chance of finding fundable executive management, as needed, and ultimately succeeding. Similarly, Southeast XOR grants entrepreneurs that may be looking for their next move an opportunity to review a larger pipeline of opportunities in a central and user-friendly space.

Frequently Asked Questions

As a university startup, do I have to join the platform?

Not all university startups will need or use the platform, as it is an optional tool.

Why is the Platform needed?

Many university startups meet an inflection point at which grant funds are exhausted, initial management is not capable of growing the company, or a faculty member must choose between leaving their position to run the company (e.g., entrepreneurial leaves) or liquidating the company. The platform is designed for those situations. It will help the startup to find executive talent with the right industry and operational expertise. This, in turn, increases the likelihood that investors will invest as the right people do increase the likelihood of business success.

Who builds my company profile?

Our office (ITC) will work with you, the faculty, to build a pitch deck and/or other materials and collect data for developing the company profile page in the platform.

How is a match executed?

Matches are initiated first by contacting the “Company Contact” identified in the platform, which is a LSU ITC representative. Introduction meetings will be scheduled through the Company Contact to be followed by negotiations to determine if a “match” exists. This process will be facilitated by LSU ITC, and may take any form as agreed by the parties. There is no obligation to match, in any case.

Is the company required to remain headquartered in a certain location?

There is an economic development opportunity to bring outside talent to a new ecosystem, but it is up to each university and/or startup company, in collaboration with the newly matched entrepreneur, to determine where or how a startup will continue its development.  This negotiation process will vary case-by-case.

What are the qualifications entrepreneurs need to meet to be part of the platform?

Criteria to become an XOR Entrepreneur includes:

  • Generally, having run a startup, having raised or been intimately involved in raising capital for a startup, and/or having been an executive in a specific industry for at least 15 years (the specific needs of the startup will drive how these factors are weighted in the decision-making process);
  • An affiliation (alumni, etc.) with or recommendation for inclusion by a participating university; and
  • Willingness and availability to play an executive management role for a startup company

How do I become part of the platform?

To become an entrepreneur in the system you will need to complete and submit the Network Entrepreneur Application.

If you would like to add your startup company to the portal you will need to complete and submit the Startup Company Application.

For more information, contact