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Who is the Office of Innovation & Technology Commercialization?


The Office of Innovation & Technology Commercialization works with the University research community to facilitate the evaluation, protection, and licensing of intellectual property created at LSU. This work maximizes the University’s impact on the intellectual, economic, and social development of Louisiana and beyond. Our office's mission is to advance innovation by serving faculty, supporting the research enterprise, and partnering with entrepreneurs and businesses to commercialize inventions that enhance the economy and benefit the public. The aim is to build a strong support system for faculty entrepreneurs interested in starting a company based on LSU intellectual property while strengthening ties within the Baton Rouge business community.  


Our office provides:

  • Assistance to LSU innovators through the evaluation of their discoveries and ideas
  • Assistance to LSU innovators with acquiring legal assistance for protecting their innovations 
  • Marketing and industry negotiations for intellectual property
  • Licensing and other agreements such as Confidentiality Agreements, Material Transfer Agreements, etc.