Expectations | LSU Innovation & Technology Commercialization

Expectations for Participants

Participants in I-Corps Sites will be expected to commit at least 3 - 5 hours per person per week to market research, customer discovery and other commercialization-focused activities during the program. It is thus important that you are interested in gaining new knowledge from I-Corps Sites, and not just receiving an I-Corps Sites grant.

By the end of the program, your team will have accomplished the following:

  • Started research on competing patents and publications,
  • Found general data on the size of your technology’s market and any key market trends,
  • Analyzed several competitive products,
  • Interviewed 15 potential customers or end users,
  • Completed 1/3 of a standard business model canvas,
  • Learned about 3 potential sources of early-stage commercialization funding,
  • Decided whether or not to pursue commercialization of your technology or idea, and
  • Completed much of the research you need to apply for investment or a commercialization-focused grant.