En Primer Plano: Literatura y cine en Argentina, 1955-1969

En Primer Plano: Literatura y cine en Argentina book cover

Laura Martins. En Primer Plano: Literatura y cine en Argentina, 1955-1969. University Press of the South, 2001.

Drawing from film theory, city and urban life studies, genre studies, Deleuze’s concept of the time-image, and critical theory, Martins argues that, within the post-Peronist process of cultural modernization, the literature written by young Argentine authors in the 50s and 60s was the condition of possibility of the era’s film production. This new dynamic interplay between literature and cinematographic production deals with the representation of equally new social, political, and urban issues. In this context, En primer plano gives account of the (post)Peronist experience and the emergence of new social subjects and identities, the changes of the representational status of the sexual subject in Argentine society at the time, the ties and tensions between body, city, and technologies of power, and the connection between literary forms and audiovisual devices.